Concrete Rebar Detectors

GAOTek proudly presents their wide and unique collection of concrete rebar detectors. These devices have now been named differently as on some markets they are called profoscopes and profometer. A Concrete rebar detector is an essential device used by many in the industries for detecting the presence of rebar in concrete within a building that may be due for some renovations or is being demolished. This information is crucial as in some instances this may decide how much rebar a company needs to buy for a new project or a renovation project. This device is also used to measure the exact measurements of the concrete covering the rebar. So this assists the constructors in determining if anything moved or not.

The concrete rebar detectors are used to test the position of rebar in concrete, the breadth of the protective layer, and the diameter, positioning and spreading of rebar by using an electromagnetic induction process. It also has the ability to be utilized to test the distribution of magnetic and conductor such as cables and metal pipes in non-magnetic medium and non-conducting medium.


GAOTek has integrated a broad variety of little components into making their Concrete rebar detectors. Components include the following technological features:

·         Rebar detector –This instrument is used by many to obtain the exact location of rebar and even if it is present within an area. This can give you a real-time visualization of the rebar to actually see what it looks like

·         Scanner – This device is used to scan through the wall and gain an understanding of where to view.

·         Ferromagnetic objects finder – The ferromagnetic is used to detect high signals of a magnetizing field

·         Locator – This portion of the device works alongside the scanner to find and detect exactly where the rebar is

·         Cover meter – The cover meter is designed to measure the concrete covering the rebar.


GAOTek Concrete rebar detector includes all but is not limited to following listed below:

·         Portability and Accessibility: The Concrete rebar detector was made with portability and accessibility in mind as this device is portable, compact, easy to use.

·         Fast Readings: GAOTek has made sure that the all the measurement readings are instant.

·         Multi-function Rebar Detector: The concrete detector has been given a rebar locator. On top of this GAOTek has also installed a rebar corrosion detector

·         Immense battery life: GAOTek has made sure that is device is extremely handy as the battery life is immense as it could operate for a continuous sequence of about 32 hours.

·         Display: The Digital display of the concrete rebar detector consists of an LCD screen with backlight. This gives exact and clearly visible readings.

·         Temperature reading: This GAOTek device has the ability to measure the temperature of the paper/tissue roll etc.

·         Direct connection: The system is automatically based on Microsoft windows. So you have the ability to automatically export the report in Microsoft office word format

·         Automatic Testing Process: GAOTek knows people always have a lot on their minds. So they have implemented an automatic testing processor software that allows you to take all your records and automatically generate tests for you.

·         Automatic and Manual power down: Preferences are a big this for GAOTek. This is why we incorporated the double option power down. You can manual turn off the device at any time or the Auto power off feature will take over if after 5 minutes from there has been no recorded activity.

·         Memory Function: The Concrete rebar detector has the Data hold function. This is put in place so an individual can go ahead and retrieve logged data. The function is basically used to remember a certain log within the data logger. This internal memory system is capable of holding previous records.

·         Battery Low Alert: The battery levels are monitored by the device's systems and when it reaches low levels you are alerted to recharge the device.

·         Out of range Alert: This device has been given an out of range alert for when you the object you are trying read is out of range. There is an Audio Alarm if reading is out of range

·         Easy Interface: The device is very easy to use and very simplistic in design. It consists of 4 buttons.


Concrete rebar detectors are used in a multitude of different occupations and fields. Although this is the case, the most common occupation that uses a Concrete rebar detector is construction workers and project managers as they rely heavily on this product for the detection of a damaged or shifted rebar which would hinder the demolition or continuation of building a building. Another very common occupation where Concrete rebar detector is used is home renovators or interior designers. They use these devices to determine the ideal way of going about making changes to a house with the least amount of stress of the rebar as possible

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