Dust Counters

GAOTek offers high-quality, affordable and accurate dust counter. A dust counter is a device that measures or detects the concentration of dust particles in an area.
GAOTek’s growing selection of dust meter would suit whatever and wherever you need it, providing the best quality and accurate reading.


There a few ways that dust counters are used. Dust counters are used to monitor the concentration of air in working areas. When a user is using a dust counter or monitor. They are basically taking samples; these are the components of the dust monitors:

·       There is a filter cartridge mounted on the end of the tapered elements collects particles as sample stream flows through a hollow tube.

·       The tapered element oscillates at a known frequency.

·       The frequency is then changed in a direct relationship to the mass collected on the filter.

·       The measurement principle does not respond to other particle characteristics such as size distribution or composition that is a heated circuit that basically removes the moisture.

There a different kinds of dust. Standard definitions used for dust based on the particle sized as follows:

·       Total Inhalable Dust is the fraction of airborne particles which enters the nose and mouth during normal breathing. This is made up of 100 particles microns diameter and less. The dust fraction is required to be measured in many European jurisdictions.

·       Thoracic Dust is the fraction of approximately 10 microns diameter and less. This could be referred to as the PM10 in the USA. This fraction is then passed through the nose and throat and will reach into the lungs.

·       Respirable Dust is the fraction of approximately 5 microns and less. It penetrates into the gas exchange region of the lungs and is the most hazardous particulate size.

·       Dust in the workplace is the type of dust the occupational limits are about 10 for the total dust and 5 for the respirable dust or PM10 dust. This is normally measured in a small air sampling pumps running for a number of hours, or a quick measure of relative dust levels can be obtained by using a light scattering dust meter.

·       Dust in the environment or also called ambient dust. In outside areas, the levels are usually much lower than in enclosed working areas, however, the acceptable levels of dust before they become a nuisance are also set at a lower level than for workplace areas.  The ambient levels are lower they are more difficult to be measured.

Depending on the location you are in, the level of permitted dust levels varies. There are also different types of dust counters. Air sampling pumps, dust deposit gauges, recording microbalance, light scattering dust meters, and dust lamps.

·       An Air sampling pumps are basically   are vacuum pumps at which draw air through a pre-weighed filter at a fixed flow rate for a known time. The pumps are needed for a number of hours to collect a weighable amount of dust. This filter is then weighted again for the volume to be determined.

·       A Dust Deposit Gauge are usually used in the UK to monitor dust Deposits. The directional dust deposit gives some indications of monthly deposit levels in four compass directions.

·       A Recording Microbalance is a vibrating rod with filter on top. The dust is collected on the filtered and the change in the frequency of rod vibrations measures the dust on the filter.

·       A Light scattering dust meters measures the light scattered by dust particles and can give an instant dust level measurement, the number that the meter should be calibrated against measurements with an air sampling pump for your dust since they really measure scattered lights and the amount of light scatters by a particle depends on many factors, such as size distribution, density, reflectivity, etc.

·       A Dust Lamp basically shines a parallel beam of light into an area. Looks back towards the light and you can see the scattered light from any dust particles in the air. 


·       Battery Life: long battery life that could reach up to 2 years

·       High-Resolution LCD:  High-resolution backlit LCD making it easier to operate in dark places, giving the user have a more comfortable vision.

·       Battery Low Alert: The battery levels are monitored by the device's systems and when it reaches low levels you are alerted to recharge the device.

·       Other Functions: Auto power off after 5 minutes from the last operation, fast sampling rate, data logger with the ability to record and recall minimum and maximum readings.

All GAOTek’s products are all portable and light- weight, however, these does not limit the quality and accuracy of the readings, thus it is making the product be portable, allowing the user to take the high-quality product everywhere without a hassle.


The Dust Counter can be used in a variety of industries and sectors in such ways:

·       Dust counters are used to monitor the concentration of air in working areas such as:

·       Clean rooms

·       Industrial research and development facilities

·       Mining corporations

·       Construction sector

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