Grain Moisture Analyzers

Grain Moisture Analyzers (also known as Grain Moisture Meters) are used to analyze the condition and measure the moisture levels in various materials, equipment, and products. They perform quick, routine tests that help improve products and hastens the time in which a company may want to release their commodities. By testing the moisture levels, one may be able to determine whether or not a product is suitable for putting into the market. If the moisture levels are too high, the product may not be ready for purchase as it may lose preservability in different environments. This information is inestimable in value when putting industry standards into scope; every customer wants a good product, but overall a safe and dependable product.

GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are reliable, first-class devices that can be used to detect moisture accumulation in the grains before it can cause irreversible damage to future products. They are designed to perform at the finest degree, which is paramount to any capital ranking company or top-notch farmer. Where one analyzer may not test as well, GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers can make up for where they lack. These devices are ideal for testing various grains that require higher accuracy in consideration to what purpose the product will be assigned to. Without a well-functioning analyzer, one can put their business at risk. GAOTek is a reliable company that produces the most affordable solutions to your technical needs, and GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are no exception to our excellence.


Moisture is defined as a liquid diffused in small quantities of vapor, either within a solid or condensed onto a surface. This vapor can be harmful as materials may change physical form depending on the moisture within. A moisture analyzer can help one to detect any signs of moisture, which can aid in the prevention of faulty products.

GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are innovative and use high-frequency electromagnetic wave inductions to effectively measure the levels of moisture within a material. By creating a current, the device creates a potential electrical field which aims to determine the spatial resistivity distribution within the sampled material. Based on this measurement, our analyzers are able to calculate the moisture levels at a constant rate.

To meet new manufacturing criteria, it is essential to have an effective moisture analyzing device. Moisture content standards are specified by both industry trade associations and regulatory authorities, and it is key to have the most accurate readings. GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers can be used to help meet a collection of industry standards. Given the requirements or modern day certifications, it is an understatement to say how important it is to have a reliable analyzer on hand. A few of these standards are as follows:

      JIS Standard form of specifications for circulation type grain dryers (JIS B 9219:1987)

      IS Method of Analysis for Foodgrains, Part 2: Determination of Moisture Content [FAD 16: Foodgrains, Starches and Ready to Eat Foods] (IS 4333-2:2002)

As standards change, our devices evolve. GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are the best choice when it comes to meeting industry standards and more.


GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are top-of-the-line devices which vaunt an impressive combination of valuable features. With a focus on the crucial aspects of an analyzer, we also include additional attractive characteristics to our equipment. Our devices include features such as:

      Portability: It is portable, compact, and easy to use and the moisture measurement readings are instant.

      Bright Display: It has an attractive LCD display with a backlight which gives it an exact and clear reading although one may find their self in low-light conditions

      Constant Effectiveness: It will save time and expense by monitoring dryness which helps to prevent deterioration & decay caused by moisture whilst in storage, therefore processing of the product will be more convenient and efficient.

      Auto Temperature Compensation: The moisture meter operates by electrical resistance and has automatic temperature compensation

      Auto Power Off: Automatically powers off after 5 minutes following the last operation

      Low Battery Alert: Our device will alert the user should the battery be running low, which prevents unsuspected accidents should the sensor cease to function from lack of power


Grain Moisture Analyzers are unique to the Grain industry, used to test various grain products for marketable conditions and to check the status of current products. Our GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers can be used with many products and materials including (but are not limited to):





The GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are designed to suit the needs of the Grain industry by providing an affordable and efficient solution for their technical needs. Our device is compact in size and its light weight allows for flexibility and portability in different locations, which makes it the ideal apparatus for even the average farmer to carry around during a long work day. Our GAOTek Grain Moisture Analyzers are high-class technological devices that boast a good IP rating and remarkable accuracy despite the affordable prices we are able to offer our clients.

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