Hygrometers are instruments that are used for measuring the moisture content of the atmosphere. These are important tools to make sure that the atmosphere of a certain place doesn’t have an excessive or very low humidity. Excessive humidity in a certain area can cause molds to grow. Molds can cause different health problems, including allergic reactions and respiratory disorders. Very low humidity can cause wooden furniture to become warped and even ruined. This is where Hygrometers become useful to avoid these circumstances.
GAOTek developed advanced hygrometers that are high quality, affordable, and accurate. They are very versatile instruments for the measurement of humidity. We have a wide variety of selection of hygrometers that will help you measure the moisture content of the atmosphere with the simplest operation. With precise measurements, we ensure that you will be satisfied when using our products.
GAOTek hygrometers are the best when it comes to quality and high accuracy readings. The process can be done in an effective and efficient way with GAOTek’s various types of manometers.


There are two generally used types of hygrometers: Wet and dry bulb psychrometer and a mechanical hygrometer. There are also other hygrometers available which are the electronic and chilled-mirror dewpoint hygrometer.

·       Wet and Dry Bulb Psychrometer – This hygrometer is equipped with two mercury thermometers, where one has a wet bulb and the other has a dry bulb. It is an instrument which has the easiest way to measure humidity. The temperature will drop and read a lower temperature than what is displayed on the dry bulb when the water on the wet bulb evaporates. The amount of relative humidity in the atmosphere is determined by the difference between the two temperature readings.

·       Mechanical Hygrometer – This type of hygrometer requires a little more effort in determining the humidity level. It uses an organic material (usually a human hair) that expands and contracts as a result of the surrounding humidity. The organic material is held under slight tension by a spring, which is connected to a needle gauge that indicates the level of humidity based on how the hair has moved.

·       Electronic Hygrometer - Electronic hygrometers detect the variation in the electrostatic capacity or electric resistance of a sensor when it absorbs moisture. The electrical capacitive hygrometer uses a dielectric material made up of a high polymer membrane, as a sensor.

·       Chilled-Mirror Dewpoint Hygrometer - Chilled-mirror dewpoint hygrometers consist of a sensor unit with a mirror, an indicator to output the measurement results, and a pump to draw sample air into the sensor unit. The sample flow can be adjusted using the pump, and a filter should be installed if the sample air has a high contaminant content.


·       On-Off Operation: The on-off control is a toggle function. Pressing the on/off key will turn the device on or off. If the hygrometer is left on with no activity for a period of time, the unit will turn itself off to conserve the battery.

·       Display Backlight: Display backlight to allow use in the dark or in poor lighting conditions. Units must be switched off before this feature can be activated.

·       Low Battery Indicator: A weak battery can cause improper operation or inaccurate measurements. A low battery indicator is provided on the display to show that the battery needs to be recharged. It is required to charge the battery to make sure that you get the best results in the device.

·       Data Log: The data log in the hygrometer can store a large amount of records. It allows the user to store up to 16000 records for later review or recording. The readings are stored in non-volatile memory so they will be retained even if the unit is shut off.

·       Humidity Range: Humidity range can go up to 0-100% RH

·       Accuracy: The humidity accuracy reading of the device can measure ±2%RH(at 25°c,20%~80RH) and ±2.5%RH (at other ranges).

·       3 Parameter measurement – There are also 3 available measurements, dew point, temperature and pressure.

·       Record Interval – Record shortest sample interval to 2 seconds, you can set the sampling interval by seconds, minutes or hours freely.


High humidity can cause molds to grow which can also cause different health problems while having a low humidity can damage human skin and body. Humidity affects many properties of air, and of materials in contact with air. Water vapor is an important atmospheric greenhouse gas and it is a key agent in both weather and climate. A huge variety of manufacturing, storage and testing process are humidity-critical. Humidity measurements are used to prevent condensation, corrosion, mould, warping or other spoilage of products. This is highly relevant for woods, in the pharmaceutical sectors, fuels, chemicals, foods, paper, and many other products. They are also used in the care of wooden musical instruments which can be damaged by improper humidity conditions.

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