Moisture Analyzers

GAOTek offers a stellar selection of high-quality, affordable and accurate Moisture Analyzers. A moisture analyzer is an instrument that quantifies the moisture content in a sample after a drying process. The original sample is first weighed, then made to go through the drying process using infrared energy, and the remaining moisture content is calculated based on the weight loss in the sample. GAOTek presents a selection of accurate moisture analyzers of highest quality to suit your needs.


A moisture analyzer measures moisture content. Our moisture analyzers determine how much moisture content is present in a sample, expressed normally as a percentage of the weight of the wet product or the dry product.  There are formulae to calculate such measurement, depending on whether the base is wet or dry. This is what it looks like:

If the base is wet, the formula used is:

M or the final measurement = 100 times the difference between wet weight and dry weight, divided by the wet weight

If the base is dry, the formula used is:

M or the final measurement = 100 times the difference between wet weight and dry weight, divided by the dry weight

In the final answer from this equation, the wet base moisture has to be 100 percent or less, but the dry base moisture can exceed 100 percent and this cannot be a non-linear function.

There are two categories that could be used to determine the moisture content - primary moisture technique or secondary moisture technique.

The primary moisture technique involves a direct chemical determination of the water content. This is usually done by extracting moisture from the product. This technique takes a lot of time, but it is very accurate. Weight loss is usually calculated using this technique.

The secondary moisture technique measures the property moisture of the variable instead of measuring it directly. This is the technique used by continuous moisture analyzers. The measurement of secondary analyzer must be calibrated against the primary reference technique. This can be used for real-time process monitoring and control.

In addition to these two offline techniques, there are a few online moisture measurement techniques - the dielectric technique and the near infrared reflectance technique.

The Dielectric Measurement Technique or RF Dielectric technique relies on the high dielectric of water, relative to most solids. This instrument does not attempt to separate the dielectric and loss components; this does not attempt to measure the combined impedance with any stability and reliability in long-term. This provides a more accurate measurement in bulk amount of products or samples. It is robust and reliable and also contains sensor designs that are suitable for a wide range of processes, and can also be used in environments with high temperature.

The Near Infrared Reflectance technique or NIR Technique eliminates the effects of product distance and source aging. The instrument has a light source, which is mostly made of a halogen bulb. There is a filter located in the rotating wheel of the instrument. This filter separates the light into specific wavelengths. The filtered beam is directed onto the product’s surface. There is a portion of light that is reflected back to a detector which is mostly made of lead sulfide. These wavelengths are absorbed by water. If the filter does choose one wavelength, it is absorbed by water which then becomes the sample beam. One wavelength is not affected by water. This is the reference beam. The amplitude ratio of the two reflected wavelengths are proportional to the amount of water in the product. This can mount up to ten inches above the product.

  • High-Resolution LCD: High-resolution backlit LCD makes it easier to operate in dark places, giving the user a more comfortable vision.
  • Insulation:High precision heat insulation sensor makes the temperature for data acquisition reliable.
  • Drift correction:Zero drift correction makes the measure accurate.
  • Battery Low Alert:Battery levels are monitored by the device's systems and when it reaches low levels you are alerted to recharge the device.
  • Other Functions:Automatic peeling function, auto power off after 5 minutes from the last operation, fast sampling rate, operates by electrical resistance and has automatic temperature

All GAOTek products are portable and light-weight. This, however, does not limit the quality and accuracy of the readings.


This product can be used in laboratories, food processing industries, mining and mineral sector, tobacco manufacturing companies and paper converting mills. It can be used for building materials, textiles, and chemicals.

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