Ozone Generators

Ozone Generator cleans indoor air and odors. It is designed to produce active oxygen that is used as an air cleaner. It can be fit with internal compressors that process air in order to form ozone which is then released into the room to help purify the air. When Ozone generators produce in sufficient quantities. The generator needs to be set so as to produce enough ozone to purify the air depending on the size of the room to be purified, or else the dust and the mold would not be destroyed. The main goal of it is that it has to remove odors, clean the air, eliminate poisonous gasses and organic pollutants.


Ozone generators make ozone by breaking the oxygen apart by separating the oxygen molecules, which that can be accomplished by silent corona discharge and ultraviolet radiation. Silent Corona discharge is an electrical discharge, such as lightning, that produces ozone by splitting normal oxygen and creating single oxygen atoms, which then attach themselves to silent corona discharge- ozone generators operated by this principle. Ultraviolet Radiation, which is the process similar to the formation of ozone in the upper atmosphere, this is generally less efficient than the corona discharge. Ozone equipment has three main components. The air preparation system, the ozone generator, and the ozone-water mixing system.

·         The air preparation system is the main part of the equipment. It removes the dust and most importantly the water vapor. It is made of two metal electrodes by an air gap, that is called discharge gap and a dielectric material, that is also called as the electrical insulator material. What happens is that the air passes through the discharge gap as a high voltage alternating current is applied to the active electrode. The incoming gas is then ionized as electrons are drawn back and forth across the discharge gap at a rate equal to the alternating current frequency, in which dome of the oxygen molecules in the gas steam is bombarded by the electrons and separates into few oxygen atoms. The dielectric serves as an electric current insulator that prevents the concentrated discharges of the energy sparking between two electrodes

·         The Ozone generator is the system itself. Where it has an ORP monitoring and feedback control that is affected by ozone, but the ozone concentration in the basin and re- circulating tower’s water is then at very low, in which this affects the ozone treatment. The point of ORP is not to directly play a vital role in the cooling tower ozonisation control. What is actually happen is that the Ozone generator by breaking apart oxygen molecules. It is mainly used to kill molds, mildew, bacteria and other odors.

·         The ozone- water mixing system. In this last component, the proper size is important, to avoid errors. In addition to that, there are some great designs that could be made or followed. Keeping the side-stream mixing system independent of the main tower recirculation loop, so that the system will be maintained independently of the tower system. A separate off-gas from the water in a vented air-tight vessel, in that way the off-gas can be vented safely away from the tower equipment and people. The last one is that the water from the mixing system cannot back-up into the ozoniser.


Ozone generators can be either used for air treatment or water treatment. However, in general, Ozone generator, there are three important parts for the Ozone generator to function and operate properly.it needs the following features to function properly:

·         Power Supply: ionize the air and generate ozone with two adjustments of frequency and voltage control.

·         Capacity: from 600 mg/h to 8000 mg/h of ozone

·         Size: depending on the size of the place you are going to purify; the size ranges varies.

The Ozone generator also has a timer, hold options, optional continuous run mode, UV-C Lamp system and adjustable ozone concentration.


Ozone Generators are used to kill germs, purify air, and removes odors, and since germs, air and odors are pretty much everywhere, Ozone Generators are used in various industries; it is not just limited to Electrical engineering sector; Ozone generators could be used in:

·         Industrial sites

·         Households

·         Buildings

·         Hospitality and Long Term Care

·         Food and Agriculture

·         Sports Clubs

·         Cars

·         Hospital sectors 

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