Ozone Monitors

GAOTek ozone monitors are an instrument for ambient monitoring. GAOTek’s ozone monitors distinguish each of the aerosol types in the area such as dust or smoke. It also enables an accurate measurement of ozone in the air in a wide range depending on the instrument. It also can be used for data-fusion collecting sensor data, then it can send the data to the network. Our ozone monitors are reliable, high quality, and affordable equipment that provide an accurate measurement and offering an efficient and quick means of inspection. It is compact, easy to carry and portable to allow the user to work in complex conditions and it has low power consumption suitable for long term use.
Its uses have become a conventional instrument to many applications such as monitoring in remote places, control of ozone in industrial settings, ozone workplace monitoring, and personal exposure monitoring for health effects.


As the technology advances so does the industrialization and urbanization also follow. However, this advances not only provide the advantages of modernization but it also offered a disadvantage of human-caused pollution and widespread of ozone. Ozone can irritate the human mucous membrane of respiratory tract then when the ozone concentration is too high, it can cause rapid pulse, fatigue, headache, emphysema, and even death when serious. Ozone can also corrode a variety of goods because it is a strong oxidant. Thus, monitoring of the ozone is created to oversee the ozone in the world and control it.

Measurements of atmospheric ozone such as the absorption of UV light, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds has been in used for a long time while offering a precise and accurate measurement. The ozone has ozone molecules in which it can absorb up to 254 nm where it is found in significant concentration in the atmosphere at specific wavelength but it is interfered in highly polluted air by an organic compound such as aromatic rings.

The pressure and temperature within the absorption cell are measured through the ozone concentration. It is then expressed as a mix ratio in parts-per-million by volume (ppm). The ozone monitors display and records each cell temperature, pressure and along the ozone mixing ratio. Each cell pressure is displayed as cell temperature in units either C or K while the units are mbar or torr.

There two widely used methods for ambient air monitoring. The ethylene chemiluminescence Federal Reference method and the UV absorption method. The chemiluminescence method was dominant in the United States during the 1970s and 1980s. It is commonly inferred by the used of water vapor. Currently, it has been replaced by UV absorption as this reduces the operational costs and improve the safety by eliminating the flammable compressed ethylene gas required by chemiluminescence method.

Most modern UV absorption instruments use a molecule that can absorb the mercury (Hg). Concerns have been raised about potential interferences to the UV method caused by photochemical reaction products such as mercury vapor, sulfur dioxide, and water vapor. The use of water vapor on UV instruments is complex as changing the humidity can affect the light transmission through scratched optical cell window.

UV monitors employ mercury lamps as a source of line UV radiation at 254 nm. Then, utilizes and the scrubber that is specific to ozone which usually consists of manganese dioxide on a substrate or heated wool to create an ozone-free air flow as a reference. The intensity of UV radiation is passed through and compared through the flow of ambient air and its uses the Beer-Lambert absorption equation to find the number density of O3.


GAOTek ozone monitors are reliable, accurate, and easy to use to help prevent failure in operations. It is also:

·       Compact and portable: which are suitable for working aloft and complex conditions

·       Flexibility due to wide range of utilities and configurations

·       Network capable for monitoring

·       Large digital display

·       Adjustable max, min and fail time set points

·       Failure alarm for ozone remaining out of control range

·       Low and easy maintenance

·       Integration design offer small volume, light weight, easy to use

·       Low battery indication

·       Pre-calibrated sensors

·       Optional display of real-time ozone concentration

·       Battery operation

·       Offers simplicity and ease of operation

·       Backlight LCD: reading in dim light conditions

·       Auto calibration

·       Optional Bluetooth function

·       Optional different sensor, measuring platform,

·       High test accuracy due to active sampling

·       Interchangeable sensor heads

·       Alarm function

·       Data logger


Ozone monitor has been an essential instrument in monitoring the ozone in a wide range area, many applications adopted the use ozone monitor to secure safety or inspection such as residential and municipal drinking water treatment, agricultural waste effluent, irrigation water treatment, agricultural odour elimination, food storage, sterilisation, pool treatment commercial or residential use, semiconductor and electronic, industrial  waste effluent treatment, volatile ozone compound from gaseous or aqueous effluents, laundry water recycling and food production.

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