GAOTek offers a various selection of high-quality, affordable and accurate Spectrometers. Generally, Spectrometer is an apparatus that is used to measure a spectrum. In general, a spectrum is a graph that shows intensity as a function of wavelength or frequency, energy, momentum or mass. The biggest function of spectrometers is to take in light, break it in the components of the spectral part of the spectrometer. The main function of the device is to measure wavelengths of light over a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum, the light source.

GAOTek selection of Spectrometers could suit whatever your need is, providing the best quality and accurate reading.


The main function of a spectrometer is to take in light, break it in the components of the spectral part of the spectrometer, also digitize the signal as a function of wavelength, which is then used to read out and display it on a computer. There are few processes on how the spectrometers work:

·         The first step in this process is basically to direct light through a fiber optic cable into the spectrometer through a narrow aperture called the entrance slit. The slit vignettes the light as it enters the spectrometer, the divergent light is then passed through by a concave mirror and directed onto a grating.

·         The grating then disperses the light’s spectral components at a slight angle, which is then focused by another concave shaped mirror and imaged onto the detector.

·         When the light is placed onto the detector the photons are then converted as an electron, which is then read through and digitalized through a USB port to a computer.

·         The software then interprets the signal, basing it on the pixels in the detector, the linear dispersion of the diffraction grating then creates a calibration that enabling the data to be plotted as a function of a wavelength over the given spectral range. The data will then be used and manipulated for countless spectroscopic applications

In addition to the process of how spectrometers work, there are also four kinds of spectrometers. Optical Spectrometer, Mass Spectrometer, Time- of- flight Spectrometer, and magnetic Spectrometer.

·         Optical Spectrometer shows the light’s intensity as a wavelength or in frequency. The deflection is produced through prism refraction or grating diffraction.

·         Mass Spectrometer is an instrument that is used to identify the amount and type of chemicals present in a sample by measuring the mass-to- charge ratio and abundance of the gas-phase ions.

·         Time-of-flight Spectrometer measures the energy spectrum of particles if the mass is known. It can also be measured by finding the time of flight between the detectors, also if the velocity is available, the mass can be determined.

·         The magnetic spectrometer measures the alpha particles of an object.

·         There are also four components of Spectrometer. The Slit, The Grating, The Detector, The Optical Bench.

·         The Slit or the entrance slit is to define a clear-cut object for the optical bench. this affects the throughput of the spectrophone.

·         The Grating this determines the wavelength range and partially determines the optical resolution that the spectrometer will achieve.

o   There are two types of diffraction gratings: ruled gratings and holographic gratings. Ruled grating is made when there are a large number of grooves that are parallel to each other. Holographic gratings are made when two UV beams are inferred.

·         The Detector this basically read through the different noises that are being reflected.

o   There are four kinds of noises: The readout noise, shot noise, dark noise and fixed pattern noise. Readout noise is caused by electronic in the detector output. The shot noise is based on the statistical variation. Dark noise is based on the statistical change. the fixed pattern is the photo response between the pixels beside it.

·         The Optical Bench is basically where the other components sit or located.


GAOTek spectrometers offers various features, that are included in the device and are not limited to such features that follow:

·         Lightweight: Small, portable and convenient for on-site usage.

·         Drift Detector: uses the newest silicon drift detector

·         Database: integrated alloy database that can allow further database capacity add-on

·         LCD Screen: 65 thousand true color and support U disk data saving

·         Other features: high-class grating with wholly hermetic light path design, GLP self-check function, upgrade function can be downloaded from AOE web with S/N, support U disk one- key upgrade, Imported and environmental deuterium lamp, that can prevent Ozone inhalation. 


Spectrometers offer a variety of services making it useful to a variety of industries. It can also be used in other things such as monitoring dissolved oxygen in freshwater and marine ecosystems, can be helpful in studying spectral emission lines of distant galaxies, characterization of proteins, space exploration, respiratory analysis and much more. this can also be used in:

·         Pharmaceutical companies

·         Nutraceutical Sectors

·         Petroleum industries

·         Petrochemical industries

·         Cosmetics

·         Mining companies

·         Forensics

·         Education Sector

·         Heath sector 

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