Torque Testers

A torque tester is a quality control device to test or calibrate torque controlled tools. The force acting on an object that causes it to rotate is what the torque tester mainly measures. In today’s advanced technology, torque testers include the ability to measure in clockwise and counter clockwise directions. The primary purpose of the measurements serves as an essential validation and diagnostic tools for any assemblies that involve rotating parts, such as motors, engines, and transmission or axles.

Assembling a large or complex product can often involve many fasteners, many of which are bolts or screws that are tightened by a torque driver of some sort. The integrity of the entire product can be affected when a fastener fails, so it is important for the manufacturer to be able to ensure that each fastener has been properly tightened and has not been damaged or weakened during the fastening process.

GAOTek developed advanced torque testers that are high quality, affordable, and accurate. We have a wide variety of selection of different torque testers that will help you test or calibrate your torqued controlled tools. With precise measurements, we ensure that these products satisfy your needs when testing torques.

GAOTek torque testers are outstanding when it comes to quality and high accuracy readings. With the different types of torque testers that are used to measure the force acting on an object that causes it to rotate, the process can be done in an effective and efficient way.


Torque Testers are available in two different versions: handheld meters or tabletop meters.

l  Handheld meters – Mainly used for industry

l  Tabletop meters –  Ideal tool for laboratories

Our torque testers also come with USB ports to connect to the computer to store and analyze data readings.

The components that develop torque testers are the transducer, the digital display, and the rundown fixture.

l  Transducer – Is an electronic device used to convert torque into an electrical signal. The conversion is indirect and happens in two stages.

l  Digital Display – Used to measure the output signal from the transducer and calculates that reading into a torque value that is displayed on the screen.

l  Rundown Fixture (Joint Simulator) – Also known as a joint simulator is placed on top of the transducer and is used during the calibration process to help test power tools (electric screwdrivers, air screwdrivers, pulse tools, cordless screwdrivers, nutrunners, etc.).

These technologies are the main components that developed our torque testers and our product is one of the best quality that you can find in the market.


Below are the different key features that GAOTek torque testers offers:

l  Full-Screen Display: Easy-read display with a simultaneous display of all needed information.

l  USB Ports: Helpful for transferring data from a USB to computer

l  Large Storage: Can save up to 99 groups of test data

l  3 Measurement Units: There are 3 units available to choose from (N·m, kgf·cm, Ib·in).

l  3 Optional Model Switch: Real-time, peak, and automatic peak.

l  Accuracy: Higher than the 3% of the reading

l  Manual shutdown function: With this function, time can be set freely and avoid work interruption.

l  Battery Life: Battery life can last up to more than 300 times of usage and can be charge up to 4-6 hours

In addition to all these features, our products have a high precision of measurements, high resolution, and quick sampling speed. More importantly, our products are also affordable when it comes to your budget. With all the various kinds of torque testers manufactured by our company, you can have different options to choose from.


Torque Tester are used for torque testing to make sure that torque devices are operating to peak performance and can emphasize potential tooling problems before they show possibly due to tool wear or broken components. These devices are mainly used in industries such as

l  Car

l  Construction

These industries make sure that everything works fine when it comes to the quality of their products. In car manufacturing, they ensure that different types of cars have their different torque value that determines how quickly the car accelerate based on the car’s price value. While in construction industries, tools such as torque wrenches, click torque wrenches, dial torque wrenches, air screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers, torque screwdrivers, pulse tools, and nutrunners are tested if they are effective with its specific job.

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