Ultraviolet Light Meters

GAOTek offers high-quality, affordable and accurate Ultraviolet Light Meter or UV Light Meters. Ultraviolet Light Meters measures the UV light in the environment or wherever you are using it. it is made to measure the UV light in the range from 200 to 400 Nanometer.the light UV light meter measures the long wave and the shortwave irradiance. it often has a cosine correction filter and data logging into an excel format.
GAOTek’s selection of Ultraviolet Light Meter or UV Light Meter would suit whatever and wherever you need it, providing the best quality and accurate reading.


Ultraviolet measurements are consisting of three fundamental parameters. These are wavelengths, irradiance and energy density.

·       Wavelength is the “wave” looking graph that shows what kind of UV light is stronger. Shorter than 200 nanometers are sometimes described as the vacuum. This is what they use to measure the pattern of how the light is traveling.

·       Irradiance is the flux of energy per unit. It is basically the speed of the UV light to arrive at a surface. They either reflect or focus or absorbed. Peak irradiance is specified as having been measured at a specified distance from the light source, or also used lamp output.

·       UV Energy Density factors the time factor of the UV exposure. This is basically the dosage.

The UV light meter has to meet the standard of The National Bureau of Standards in which it has to have an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

The Ultraviolet index is calculated is based on its wavelength. Each wavelength corresponds to a specific strength or index. Basically, the shorter the UV wavelength is, the stronger it is, which caused more damage to the human skin or could damage the surroundings. The damage that could be calculated by taking the wavelength value, the strength of that wavelength and a weight. The strength and the weight are then multiplied to get a result. The effective UV strength at each wavelength across the 290 to 400-nanometer spectrum is integrated, which is used to give a value that could represent the total effect of the UV radiation on the skin.  In the environment or outdoors, the strength of UV is based on how the cloud is behaving. In bulbs, the strength of the UV is depending on how strong or how many mill watts per square centimeter of the bulb is.

In lightbulbs, the UV index is calculated based on the intensity of UVA and UVC light, it is commonly used in welding to minimize the exposure of “blue light “radiation. In light bulbs, the UV Energy Density factors one watt per one second that gives one joule. The energy density is shown as joules per centimeter square. Wavelength is determined by the type of lamp selected. But with the specified optimum peak irradiance and energy density remain the two critical value that is needed for something to work properly.

There are also errors when calculating the UV light index. It is called the Cosine Error. This happens when there is a misalignment between the beam of the light and the device used to measure the UV index, in this case, the UV light meter.


·       High-Resolution LCD:  High-resolution backlit LCD making it easier to operate in dark places, giving the user have a more comfortable vision.

·       Battery Life: long battery life that could reach up to 2 years

·       Battery Low Alert: The battery levels are monitored by the device's systems and when it reaches low levels you are alerted to recharge the device.

·       Other Functions: Auto power off after 5 minutes from the last operation, fast sampling rate, data logger with the ability to record and recall minimum and maximum readings, also includes cosine correction filter that is built into the device.

All GAOTek’s products are all portable and light- weight, these, however, does not limit the quality and accuracy of the readings, thus making the product be portable and allows the user to take the high-quality product everywhere without a hassle.


UltraViolet Light Meters Could be used in the industrial sector as a device used in:

·       Electrical industry

·       Electronic industry

·       Monitoring blue light radiation hazards in welding

·       Ultra Violet sterilization or UV sterilization

·       Graphic arts

·       Photochemical matching

·       UV EPROM erasure

·       Fluorescent dye

·       Photoresist exposure

·       Fire detection

·       Curing of inks, adhesives, and coatings

The UltraViolet Light Meter Could also be used in Laboratories as to be used in:

·       Chemistry labs

·       Virology

·       Microbial genetics

·       DNA research (biologic hoods)

·       General laboratory use

·       Weather studies

·       Forensics

·       Degradation studies

·       Ultra Violet sterilization or UV sterilization

The Ultraviolet Light Meter could also be used in photography, and measuring how much exposure the light that is being used in tanning beds or dermatology UV bulbs. The UV light meter is used to monitor how an object is not working properly, how to ensure safety both to the environment and to the people around.

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