Vickers Hardness Testers

GAOTek proudly presents you their extensive and wide-ranging variety of Vickers hardness testers. A Vickers hardness tester is an essential device used by many in the manufacturing industries which applies a certain forceful amount of pressure on an object to test the structural integrity of the object for testing purposes. This information is crucial as in some instances this may work as a specification or condition to which a company has to meet to release their product or it maybe also be used to set a boundary for a specific device/item.


GAOTek has unified a broad spectrum of little components into making their Vickers hardness testers. Components include the following technological features:

·         Vickers hardness tester –This instrument is used by many to obtain a reading on how durable a product can be. The indentation can be made by a multitude of different objects, like an anvil in most cases.

·         Anvil – This is basically what makes the indentation. The anvil comes in different shapes and size as one would expect.

·         Vickers standardized Block – This component is what the object being pressed would sit on.

·         CCD camera and image processing system – GAOTek has assured that visibility is a key part of this product as they have included a camera and image processing system which shows you exactly what is happening to your item.

·         Microscope – In addition to the CCD camera, a microscope is available and the user can pan into approximately 400X


GAOTek Vickers hardness tester includes all but is not limited to following listed below:

·         Accessibility: The Vickers hardness tester was made with portability and accessibility in mind as this device is compact, easy to use.

·         Fast Sampling Rate: GAOTek has made sure that the Vickers hardness testers readings are instant.

·         Safe: GAOTek has gone above and beyond to ensure safety is their number one priority.

·         Conversion: The Vickers hardness tester has the capability to convert between the hardness scales

·         Timer: The Vickers hardness tester has a built in timer so that you can time the insulation test.

·         PC interface: The PC interface has increasingly become included with the addition of USB PC interface where one can transfer the data picked up and use it in on the PC.

·         Automatic Testing Process: GAOTek knows people always have a lot on their minds. So they have implemented an automatic testing processor to take all your records and automatically test your object for you.

·         Display: The Digital display of the Vickers hardness meter consists of an LCD screen with backlight. This gives exact and clearly visible readings.

·         Automatic and Manual power down: Preferences are a big this for GAOTek. This is why we incorporated the double option power down. You can manual turn off the device at any time or the Auto power off feature will take over if after 5 minutes from there has been no recorded activity.

·         Memory recall Function: The Vickers hardness tester has the Data hold/recall function. This is put in place so an individual can go ahead and retrieve logged data. The function is basically used to remember a certain log within the data logger. This internal memory system is capable of holding previous records.

·         Battery Low Alert: The battery levels are monitored by the device's systems and when it reaches low levels you are alerted to recharge the device.

·         Easy Interface: The device is very easy to use and very simplistic in design. It consists of 4 buttons.

·         Dual indenter: This device has the ability to switch indenters to the preferable choice. This is possible with a motorized turret.

·         Auto Calibration: The auto calibration feature seems like a must to meet industrial standards. GAOTeks implementation of this into the device was crucial and from a consumer point-of-view, this is practical.


Vickers hardness testers are used in a multitude of different professions and fields. Although this is the case, the most common occupation that uses a Vickers hardness tester is the manufacturing industry. Many sectors use it on their products to test the threshold or the overall structural integrity of their product. As the manufacturing companies rely heavily on this product for the detection of defective behaviour in products or to detect if a product has not been able to meet the standard on the industry, this is one of the most important tools used regularly. Without the proper detection of these defects or subpar performance of a product, it would hinder production until further notice.  Usually, Vickers hardness testers are useful in the scientific, industrial fields. Another very common instance where Vickers hardness tester is used is setting a standard for a specific item. They use these devices to detect and conclude the issue in a product or if durability is good. They also check this before an issue arises as this works for maintenance of certain product as well.

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