Capacitance Meters

GAOTek proudly presents their extensive and ever-growing variety of capacitance meters. A capacitance meter is an essential device used by many in the industries for detecting capacitance within an item. The meter determines capacitance by charging a capacitor with an identified current, gauging the subsequent voltage, then calculating the capacitance. The device has the ability to store an electric charge within an object. It is also used to find errors, selecting capacitance, and numerical analysis. This object is usually used to detect capacitors. They are often used in industries surrounded with objects which utilize electricity or where objects which contain electrical current are present like in electronic department stores within their stock. This information is crucial as in some instances this may decide if the material has been damaged or if the material is not being kept in the recommended conditions. This could also be used to explain an unexpected high/low electric charge in a product., which essentially could mean a faulty or damaged item has been detected.


GAOTek has integrated a broad variety of powerful little components into making their capacitance meters. There are many components included in the following technological features of the capacitance meter. The capacitance meter is the main instrument and is used by many to obtain the exact amount of charge stored within an object. This can read the amount of electrical charge stored in the object so that the company only produces the most premium quality of products. Another key component is the capacitor terminals. These items consist of a metallic pin, which is what you poke or touch the object with to obtain the reading of the percentage of water. Lastly, an optional feature is the digital multimeter. This is implemented within the capacitance meter to ensure more safety. The function of the multimeter is to obtain a reading on the electrical current, voltage and in many cases resistance.


GAOTek Capacitance Meters include all but is not limited to following features listed below:

·       Portability and Accessibility - The capacitance meter was made with portability and accessibility in mind as this device is portable, compact, easy to use.

·       Fast Sampling and Measuring Rates - GAOTek has made sure that the moisture measurement readings are instant for the convenience of their customers

·       Display - The Digital display of the moisture meter consists of a VFD display screen. This gives exact and clearly visible readings. The apparatus can also be a LED indicated display. The digital display with back light gives the device user an exact and clear viewable reading, even when you work within poor viewing conditions

·       Measurement Preference - With our capacitance meter you are given the choice of how to read the capacitance. (voltage or current)

·       SCPI Programming Language Integration – GAOTek has included SCPI programming language integration. Which allows for the device to be constantly updated and given new and exciting actions

·       Built-in RS232C – The device does in fact have a built-in RS232C which helps send data more efficiently

·       Built-in Handler interface – A convenient interface which the user will find useful and simple when using the device

·       Automatic and Manual power down - Preferences are a big thing for GAOTek. This is why we incorporated the double option power down. You can manually turn off the device at any time or the Auto power off feature will take over if after 5 minutes there has been no recorded activity from the user.

·       Memory Function - The capacitance meter has the Data hold function. This is put in place so an individual can go ahead and retrieve logged data easily and efficiently. The function is basically used to remember a certain log within the data logger. This internal memory system is capable of holding previous records.

·       Battery Low Alert - The battery levels are monitored by the device's systems and when it reaches low levels you are alerted to recharge the device.

·       Out of range Alert - This device has been given an out of range alert for when the object you are trying read is out of range. There is an Audio Alarm if reading is out of range

·       Easy Interface - The device is very easy to use and very simplistic in design. It consists of 4 buttons.

·       Auto Calibration - The auto calibration feature seems like a must in order to meet industrial standards. GAOTek’s implementation of this into the device was crucial, and from a consumer point-of-view, this is very practical.


Capacitance meters are used in a multitude of different occupations and fields. Although this is the case, the most common occupation that uses a capacitance meter is electronic and battery department stores and supply chains. This happens because the companies rely heavily on the meter as it is utilized to detect the performance of charges within electrically charged items. Without this device in place, the products that are tested would not come out as good which as a result would hinder production or make for the quality to be of a lower grade. Another very common use for the capacitance meter is testing surface mount devices (SMD). 

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