CATV Meters & Instruments

GAO Tek offers a wide range of high quality, yet affordable CATV meters and testers. CATV meters and testers are instruments that can be used by professionals to automatically or manually test, measure, and maintain a wide range of systems and channels. Our CATV meters and testers are portable and rugged to ensure they can live up to everyday field use by CATV professionals. We offer professionals a large selection of CATV meters and testers that include QAM analyzers, handheld signal level meters, high-performance TV signal testers, high performance and portable digital signal level meters, PCM channel analyzers and TDR cable fault locators.
GAO Tek‘s QAM and PCM analyzers are portable devices that perform analysis of QAM and PCM signals. These analyzers are commonly used to measure QAM and PCM digital channels and devices, analog channels, digital switchers, and FM channels. They can be used for performing tests automatically/manually and comparing results.
Signal level meters (TV and CATV) are designed and manufactured for CATV installation systems. They are mainly used by technical experts for measuring analog and digital channels, testing CATV signal levels in both channel and frequency modes, maintaining CATV systems, and constructing analog TV/ digital TV signals.
Cable fault locators are devices working on time domain reflectometer (TDR). They are designed to locate and analyze cable fault points such as short circuits, open circuits, impedance break points, and high resistance points. These cable fault locators are widely used by professionals for cable test, cable maintenance, and cable installation.

Functions of CATV Meters and Testers

GAOTek’s CATV Signal Meters are helpful in testing the digital and analog CATV and VHF/UHF off-air signal levels. Other devices such as cable fault locators can be used to detect, inspect, and measure underground fault spots in order to provide the fiber solution for users. These valuable information will support users to locate the exact fault points in fibers and make it easier for users to repair them. QAM and PCM analyzers are the last part of products in this category. These powerful instruments can measure QAM and PCM performance and analyze digital devices, communication devices, QAM and PCM devices, and VoIP devices. Finally, they can compare the measurement results and review them.


GAO Tek’s CATV testers are portable, easy to use, affordable and durable products. They typically feature large and easy to read LCD displays which display test results and indicate power level. CATV meters also contain long life batteries and USB interfaces for transferring and archiving data to PCs. Auto on/off is also available for several products and allows users to control the devices easily.

Applications and Industries

CATV meters and testers are mainly used in telecommunications, electric utilities, test / service companies, petrochemical facilities, mining industry, digital industry, internet service, scientific research, engineering installation and maintenance, and facility maintenance.

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