Digital Oscilloscopes

GAO Tek offers digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO) which store and analyse the signal digitally rather than using analogue techniques. The digital oscilloscopes are used for designing, manufacturing or repairing electronic equipment. In today’s fast-paced world, engineers need the best tools available to solve their measurement challenges quickly and accurately. GAO Tek’s digital oscilloscopes are useful tools for engineers to meet the demanding measurement challenges in the present market. They are now the common type of oscilloscopes in use because of the advanced trigger, storage, display and measurement features that they provide.

Functions of Digital Oscilloscopes

Digital oscilloscopes show the graphical representation of the signals for visual diagnosis and they help to find out the unexpected voltage source. They also represent timing, affected circuit, and shape of the pulse so that technicians could easily find out malfunctioning parts. These devices locate problems in the operations and send alerts for replacement or tuning. These instruments also show and calculate the frequency and amplitude of oscillating signals. Digital oscilloscopes are widely used to troubleshoot any malfunction components of a project by looking at the expected output after a particular component. Special-purpose oscilloscopes may be used for analyzing an automotive ignition system or to display the waveform of the heartbeat as an electrocardiogram.




Digital oscilloscopes feature six elements and they include analog vertical input amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters, time bases which feature clock drives, circuits for waveform display and reconstruction, LED or LCD displays, and the power supply. The embedded screens allow users to see input voltage on a particular axis for the period of time. The digital oscilloscopes are widely used today because of its advanced features of storage, display, fast traces rate and remarkable bandwidth. In digital oscilloscopes, display sections are equipped with three basic controls: a focus knob, an intensity knob, and a beam finder button. Digital oscilloscopes are lightweight, portable instruments that can be easily carried by a single person.

Applications and Industries

Digital oscilloscopes can be used in a wide range of applications. Car engineers can utilize digital oscilloscopes to correspond simple information from sensors with serial information from the engine control unit. Medical researchers also utilize digital oscilloscopes to measure brain waves. The potential outcomes are inestimable. Overall, digital oscilloscopes are mainly used in industries such as the science, medicine, engineering, automotive and the telecommunication industry.


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  • oscilloscope-with-scope-meter-data-storage

    Oscilloscope with Scope Meter (Data Storage)

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  • oscilloscope-with-signal-generator-calendar-display

    Oscilloscope with Signal Generator (Calendar Display)

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  • oscilloscope-with-anti-theft-lock-flash-light

    Oscilloscope With Anti-Theft Lock (Flash Light)

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  • oscilloscope-with-auto-zero-calibrate-40-waveform-record

    Oscilloscope With Auto Zero Calibrate (40 Waveform Record)

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  • oscilloscope-with-video-help-2g-sd-flash-memory

    Oscilloscope with Video Help (2G SD Flash Memory)

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  • oscilloscope-with-32-auto-measurement-cursor-measure

    Oscilloscope with 32 Auto Measurement (Cursor Measure)

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  • battery-internal-resistance-tester-gao

    GAOTek Portable Battery Internal Resistance Tester

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  • Portable-Battery-Conductance-Tester-GAOTek

    GAOTek Portable Battery Conductance Tester

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  • 100 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope

    GAO Tek 200 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope

    ID: A0120008tek $499.00
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203

    GAO Tek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    ID: A0120007tek $1,150.00
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203

    GAO Tek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    ID: A0120006tek $1,700.00
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203

    GAO Tek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    ID: A0120005tek $2,089.00
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203

    GAO Tek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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  • Sale! Digital Storage Oscilloscope1203

    GAO Tek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

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  • 100 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope

    GAO Tek 100 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope

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  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    GAO Tek Portable Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    ID: A0110024tek $699.00
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

    GAO Tek Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

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  • mini-digital-oscilloscopem

    GAO Tek 4-Channel Mini Digital Oscilloscope

    ID: A0110003tek $699.00
  • 20 MHz Digital Oscilloscope

    GAO Tek Handheld 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope w/DMM

    ID: A0110007tek $1,379.00
  • Handheld Digital Oscilloscope-DMM1107

    GAO Tek Handheld Two Channel 20 MHz Digital Oscilloscope w/DMM

    ID: A0110002tek $849.00
  • Portable Digital Scope

    GAO Tek Portable Digital Scope w/FFT

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  • ????????????????????????????????????

    GAO Tek Multi-function Logic Analyzer

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  • Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope

    GAOTek 4-Channel Automotive Tester/Diagnostic Oscilloscope

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