Dissolved Oxygen Meters

GAOTek is now supplying Dissolved Oxygen Meters, from the world’s top suppliers. Tracking dissolved oxygen levels can always be difficult, as the number is always fluctuating based on things like water temperature, or even the time of day. A meter that can measure the amount of dissolved oxygen liquid is important, especially for evaluating the health of aquatic ecosystems. A general idea of how to recognize a healthy ecosystem is when the dissolved oxygen level is 5mg/L. Anything below that can be an indicator that the environment is unhealthy and can put stress on aquatic organisms living in the vicinity.

Having the right dissolved oxygen rate is important, the number will never stay stable. The most accurate way to get the most precise reading of the dissolved oxygen rate is to collect data over a 24-hour time span. Of course, without a Dissolved Oxygen Meter, this would be extremely difficult.  If oxygen levels remain below 2mg/L for several hours, it can endanger the living organisms within the ruined ecosystem that rely on safe oxygen levels, including fish that may be in the vicinity. Photosynthesis also plays a role in the alterations of the dissolved oxygen level; increased levels of waste product created by the process of photosynthesis can negatively affect the oxygen level in the ecosystem.

Oxygen sensors can also be used in many other different workplaces, like within the medical industry. Oxygen sensors are commonly used to measure the production of oxygen and are commonly found in products like anesthesia monitors.


GAOTek Dissolved Oxygen Meters feature a dissolved oxygen probe that is connected to an analyzer. The probe that measures the dissolved oxygen is made of two electrodes that are featured inside a potassium chloride electrolyte solution. When placed in water, in this situation, oxygen in the water creates a measurable current, which is then reflected on the meter’s result screen. Since the apparatus will be handled many times throughout the day, the devices supplied by GAOTek are ideal devices to use as; they are extremely easy and portable to carry around. Collaboration and keeping the probe clean are also important steps prior to using the device to get the most accurate results. For the most accurate results and data collection, tests should be done on-site – due to the always fluctuating rates of oxygen.


Ÿ   Accurate: GAOTek knows how important keeping the right measurements recorded is in any related type of work – We supply high-quality, reliable, and precise Dissolved Oxygen Meters with the aim of keeping your ecosystem, or patient safe and accurately monitored

Ÿ   Low Cost: GAOTek is providing some of the best Dissolved Oxygen Meters available in the market at a low, affordable cost.

Ÿ   Portable: Having a device that is portable is important – you can easily access the device and place it in areas that are difficult to reach due to its flexibility.

Ÿ   Easy to maintain: Maintaining the device is an important step to receiving the most accurate results, in addition to cleaning the chambers of the device.

Ÿ   Readable Results: Once the result is calculated, our devices have a clear display that will indicate the data collected

Ÿ   Automatic Temperature Compensation: The device includes an accurate Temperature Compensation feature that will also help with the accuracy reading of the result

Ÿ   Memory: It is important to keep track of your results – With built-in memory storage, some devices can store up to 50 readings of data collected.

Ÿ   Data Hold: This is a function available that will freeze the measured result for easy viewing and recording

Ÿ   Meets industry standards: These devices feature built-in real-time clock stamps to store data in order to meet the GLP Standard

Ÿ   USB: Data stored on devices can be transferred to a computer using the USB feature, if available on the device. 


Dissolved Oxygen Meters play a very critical role for many professionals using the utensil. If being used in an ecosystem environment, having the safe amount of dissolved oxygen can be the difference between life and death. Generally, having 5 mg/L or more of dissolved oxygen is part of keeping a healthy ecosystem, but due to many moving factors like the size of the ecosystem, time of day, product waste of photosynthesis and the temperature of the ecosystem, this goal is not easily maintained. As the number keeps fluctuating, GAOTek knows how important it is to supply users with compact and portable Dissolved Oxygen Meters to make recording and keeping track of data more convenient. Also, some Dissolved Oxygen Meters come built-in with USB ports, which is important when it comes to transferring data from the reader to another compatible device, like a computer that supports external USB devices.  With additional storage available for certain devices, you don’t need to worry about running out of space. Dissolved Oxygen Meters include certain features, like Automatic Temperature Compensation that will help you record accurate results. GAOTek supplies this important utensil at a very low-cost compared to other devices available in the market, without compromising the product’s accuracy. 

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