Fiber Loss Testers

Optical fiber loss testers are smart handheld testing devices, which combine functions of light sources, power meters, and VFLs. These testers are able to automatically/manually identify wavelengths coming into the power meter from the light source and set them as the current test wavelength. They also have useful functions such as power detection, wavelength, and frequency identification. With wavelength auto-detection, the testers actualized the auto-test which improves the test efficiency and avoids problems during the test. Optical fiber loss testers are commonly used in open field testing and laboratory high-precision measurements. They are powerful and reliable maintenance tools for telecom workers.

Functions of Fiber Loss Testers

Fiber loss testers integrate with modules and laser power systems. They can perform power testing and link loss testing in optic fiber networks. Optical fiber loss testers measure the specific range to meet the testing requirement in any networking field. They also can be used for testing dead zones which regular OTDRs can’t do. In addition, these products have perfect test functions and test assurance which are ideal for indoor and field communications testing.


GAO Tek’s optical fiber loss testers have built-in VFLs which provide dead zone test. They usually have large storage capability to store the test results. Optical fiber loss testers are small in size, lightweight, multi-functional, and portable. These testers also have color LCD displays which display full test details of wavelengths, and power states. Moreover, the devices have useful features such as power detection, wavelength and frequency identification, and after wavelength auto-detection. These testers actualize the autotest, which improves the test efficiency and lowers the error in the test. Fiber loss testers can connect to PCs via USB interfaces for data uploading, optical power calibration, and threshold modifying with the help of GAO Test Console software. They have high-quality safety cover for protection vibration and dropping. These types of products usually work with different types of light source such as OLS1, OLS2, and OLS3.

Applications and Industries

Fiber loss testers are widely used in the daily maintenance of the fiber network, CWDM system, DWDM system, and FTTX network. Fiber optic testers also are used in many systems for the transmission of broad bandwidth digital and analogue signals, and are currently in prolific use in networks such as the internet, wide area networks, local area networks, cable, communications, and telecommunications systems. Fiber optic cables have become the transmission medium of choice for these systems.

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