Fiber Optic Multimeters

GAO Tek offers a wide selection of well-constructed and affordable fiber optic multimeters. The devices integrate functions of both the optical power meter module and the optical light source module in one unit and they allow users to easily switch between multimeter functions via the control menu. These instruments also provide high precision, powerful functions, and high-speed measurement, making them possible to use as optical power meters, stabilized light sources, loss test sets, or return loss measurement instruments. GAO Tek’s fiber optic multimeters are light in weight and easy-to-use. They are useful tools for installing, testing, and maintaining fiber optic networks.

Functions of Fiber Optic Multi-Meters

Earlier, fiber optic power meter and fiber optic light source were used as two different types of fiber optic test equipments to form the pair in performing the fiber optic test work. But now, we have Fiber Optic Multi-Meters which are a combination of the two; it combines the function of fiber optic power meter and fiber optic light source and the user can easily switch to choose the multi meter function via the control menu In short-distance local area network (LAN), when the endpoint distance is in walking or talking ambit, the technical staff can use the combination of optical multimeter at any one end: fiber optic light source at one end and optical power meter at the other end. For the system of long-distance network, the technical staff should use the equipment by using integrated optical multimeter at each end.


GAO Tek’s optical multimeters are specifically designed for technical support personnel to test a variety of instruments. The devices a rechargeable battery and battery charger. Moreover, the fiber optic multimeters can work continuously for a long hour under both power meter and light source functions which make them ideal for optical fiber network installation and maintenance applications. The fiber optic multi-meter instruments are designed with an auto-off function and this function can cut off the power when needed. The fiber optic multimeter devices are small and compact in size. They are also light weighted, multifunctional and easy to carry. These devices support both AC and battery power supply which make them last for numerous hours. Moreover, the meters have USB and RS232 interfaces which allow technicians to transfer and save data to computers.

Applications and Industries

Fiber optic multimeters are powerful and reliable maintenance tools that are widely used in telecommunication networks, CATV systems and in fiber optic lab testing.

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