GAO Tek offers the latest innovative technology of optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) with vision fault locating (VFL) tester. OTDR testers with VFL are the upgraded versions of testers for the detection of fiber communications systems. The instruments provide options for multiple built-in test wavelengths such as auto test, manual test, or real time test. Especially, with the help of the built-in VFL, the devices highlight dead zone test which allows users to analyze and detect dead zones that the regular OTDRs cannot reach. OTDR testers are built to follow the national standards and are manufactured with patience and carefulness. Whether to install a new fiber, proceed efficient maintenance, or detect fault spots, GAO Tek’s OTDRs with VFL can be your ideal assistant.

Functions of the OTDRs with VFL

The OTDRs with VFL are generally used to affirm new fiber establishments, inspect fibers, and find faults in sending fiber optic systems. OTDR testers and fault locators can be used in multi-mode, single mode, and FTTx PONs networking environments. The devices are utilized by professionals to output fiber optic systems from one end of the fiber, display a trade, find and measure recognized occasions such as joints, connectors, splitters, large scale curves and fiber end. Fiber lengths, losses, and ORL are reported along with locations, losses, and reflectance of detected events. The test results can be saved internally within the devices or uploaded to PCs for analyzing or archiving. Moreover, they can be used to test the distance between two points and dynamically display the distance between two cursors. These OTDRs can automatically search for event points and quickly respond back. OTDR testers also provide the loss distribution curve between two points, the loss constant of the optical fiber and cable, and the numbers of the joint loss.


Unlike other OTDR devices, GAO Tek’s OTDRs with VFL come with an additional functionality of vision fault locating as well as USB ports which allow them to store and retrieve data when required. Test results are transferable by means of USB links or USB drives to PCs for checking, printing, and examining with the supplied Windows compatibility software - TRM (Test Results Manager). Acknowledgment reports produced using TRM can incorporate OTDR follows with outline and occasion data with or without pass/fall flat sign, event maps, and end-face pictures. OTDR testers also feature colored LCD touch screens and long-lasting batteries which endure up to numerous hours of operation. Universal FC/SC/ST connector types are added and are convenient for surface cleaning. Moreover, these handheld and high-performance devices are designed to have an auto test, manual test, dead zone or real-time test mode. These tests allow users to work in any situation.

Applications and Industries

The OTDRs with VFL are well-suited for aerospace and defense, electric utility, fiber optic component and equipment manufacturing, installers and contractors, mining, oil and gas, security, service and content providers, and transportation. 


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