Visual Fault Locators

GAOTek offers visual fault locators which are specially designed for field staffs who need efficient and cost-effective tools for fiber direction-tracking and checking continuity in optical networks during and after installation. These fiber optic visual fault locators are compact, lightweight, and fit easily in a vest pocket. The major applications of these instruments include testing for poor insulation and locating faults in the line, cutting lines, micro bending, cross faults, lead enclosed, and plastic cables. These fiber optic visual fault locators are essential tools that can quickly and easily locate problem areas in fiber cables by pinpointing the exact location of fiber damages. Technicians can make diagnoses, troubleshoots, and fix problems efficiently.

Functions of Visual Fault Locators

Fiber optic visual fault locators release a bright red visible laser beam that transmits continuous light or modulated light into the other end of the fiber. This allows users to visually identify fibers within multi-fiber cable bundles during installation or faults over specific distances. They have control buttons that allow technicians to choose between constant or flashing light. This flash mode improves visibility for locating faults. Optical visual fault locators can locate sharp bends, breaks or damages in fibers, conduct end-to-end continuity tests, perform fiber tracing and identification. Another use for visual fault locators is to check connector quality.


GAO Tek’s visual fault locators are designed to be compact, lightweight for ultimate portability. These visual fault locators have visible laser lights and high powered lasers that can measure defined distance for single-mode and multi-mode connectors with accuracy. Visual fault locators have universal adapters which match with all standard optical connector types such as SC, ST, and FC. They are capable of working with all kinds of patch cords, ribbons or bunched pigtails in the installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. The devices use special laser driver circuits which can ensure stable power output. Fiber optic visual fault locators can locate breaks in short patch cords, which OTDRs cannot detect due to their operating dead zone.

Applications and Industries

Optical visual fault locators are widely used for fiber optic network maintenance in any optical systems including LAN, FDDI, and ATM. These optical visual fault locators are used in test labs of optical fibers, a telecommunications network, and CATV systems network to discover fiber loss testing, optical identification and fault locating for both single mode and multimode optical fibers.

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