GAOTek offers a wide range of affordable and high-performance instruments with the GPS feature. Some of the products include time analyzers, spectrum analyzers, antenna analyzers, sync analyzers, ADSL testers, etc. The GPS navigation systems can all provide nationwide route guidance to help users find long-distance locations and local points of interest. Several products contain the internal precision GPS, BD and GPS-controlled rubidium clock which help them to produce high-precision UTC time and generate the high-precision clock which is taken as a time reference for measurement. GAOTek’s budget-friendly products with GPS features are constructed from high-quality materials. They are excellent choices for every technician who is seeking for a high-quality and easy-to-understand devices.

Functions of GPS

Some of the products analyzers from GAO Tek are constructed with high-precision GPS, GPS-controlled rubidium clock which support users to generate a high accuracy time information and measurement results. They also have GPS receivers which can be used to provide exact location (longitude, latitude, altitude) and Universal Time (UT) information. With built-in GPS, the location of the reader can be identified when used outdoors.


GAO Tek’s instruments with GPS features are widely favored by technical experts around the world due to its reliability and effectiveness. The GPS feature can help users to locate the exact location when analyzing a network or recording the measurement result with location and time information. The products embedded with GPS features are well-constructed and cost-effective since they are made from high-quality materials. The instruments often come with LCD display which shows the measurement results and a long lasting battery which can endure up to numerous hours. Moreover, GAO Tek’s devices with GPS features are also very lightweight and easy-to-use even for untrained users.

Applications and Industries

GAO Tek’s instruments with GPS features are widely used in the industries and applications that need high accuracy and precision such as mobile backhaul, Telecom IP network, digital transformer station, hi-speed rail, Metro, airline, and standard calibration of vessels.

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