Industrial PDAs

Industrial PDAs are used by professionals all over the industry. These rugged mini-computers are perfect for data collection, digital enterprise assistance, and provide exceptional performance and durability. These sleek designed PDA’s are not only stylish but also compact to carry around the workplace with little difficulty. Most of these PDA’s are built in with communication signals, making it the ideal wireless communication platform. Designed for tough working conditions, PDA’s provided by GAOTek can be counted on for respected durability, without compromising the PDA’s performance. The LCD display is modern, and provides easy-to-read results. With dual processors built-in, the GAOTek PDA devices will provide you with multiple functioning capabilities.


A PDA is a personal digital assistant designed to aid users who are constantly working in busy environments and more importantly, in the field. GAOTek only supplies products that are considered to be extremely reliable products in the workplace. Our PDAs are powerfully compact, and are designed to last through even the toughest work days. All GAOTek products are made of high-quality material.

Our industrial PDA’s are specially designed to be used in the most rugged work conditions. With communications being such an integral part of a positive working environment, having a reliable PDA is important. Our low-cost products do not compromise the quality of the product, meaning users will be getting the best available product for an efficient price. Our PDA’s range in terms of operating software, but with Windows and Android operating software, you will always be getting the best most reliable software. Our modern PDA’s come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, making it easier to connect external devices, like a keyboard. Of course, the PDA will come with a virtual keyboard. If users would like to use the device’s external outputs on other accessories Memory slots can be alternated for stronger Wi-Fi connectivity accessories, like a Wi-Fi extender. Wired and wireless connectivity options make the device ready for most types of connectivity options.


         Dual-Processor: Our industrial PDA’s are featured with dual-processors that will provide the device with multiple functions, like computing, accessing the internet, data collection, networking, phone and faxing capabilities.

         Personal Assistant: The device can be used as web-browser, but more importantly, the device can be your personal assistant. Thus, making your workload more organized.

         Additional Storage: The device’s touchscreen makes it easy to store data. A memory card slot will help you manage and control how much storage you can store inside the device.

         GPS: PDA’s also come loaded with GPS features, in addition to a feature that can enable external GPS-receiver add-ons.

         Live Traffic Updates: GPS capabilities may also provide the user with updated traffic conditions along with dynamic routing. 

         Built for everyday usage: Our PDA’s are built with a rugged design, it makes the choice of carrying a PDA more reliable. It allows the user to carry a device he can trust in all sorts of environmental, like frigid temperatures. Industrial PDA’s also support MP3 files, making it easy to playback audio files. 


If you are looking for a personal assistant, a GAOTek PDA is a perfect option for you. Options like wireless connectivity, make it easy for you to connect to Wi-Fi and stay updated on current events. Built-in GPS features will make the device more effective when enabling tools like live traffic updates. Additional memory storage will never make you worry about not having enough space to store data.

Bluetooth connectivity makes it simple for the user to connect external devices while using the device. With Bluetooth connectivity, it also gives the user the ability to make the device “discoverable” to other Bluetooth compatible products, like external speakers. While PDA’s feature multi-purpose usages, the device makes it extremely easy to organize your tasks. Built-in software can store data, making the user’s day less confusing and more simple.

A PDA’s sleek and stylish design, not only makes the devices compact but also makes the device effortless to carry around, so you never need to worry about carrying a device that is too heavy or inconvenient. With your day becoming more clear and concise, you can stop worrying about forgetting tasks within your day.

With high LCD resolution screens, you can use your PDA outside in direct sunlight, without compromising your screen quality and readability. Most PDA’s come equipped with high-resolution cameras, making it with multiple accessories available to customize your device, you won’t need to purchase multiple devices – a PDA can do it all.

PDAs are equipped with dual processors will make sure your tablet runs efficiently, without crashing – Dual-processing provides smooth and fast operation of the most popular operating software, like Android. If you are looking for a device that will make your day simpler, combine multiple-technological accessories into one tablet; industrial PDA’s are the perfect digital assistants you can get your hands on.

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