Industrial Tablet PCs

If you’re looking for rugged built PC’s that will last, Industrial PC’s are your optimal choice.GAOTek is a company with over two decades of experience, and is now supplying some of the leading industrial PC’s available in the market.  Industrial PCs are geared more towards the workplace than the PCs available to the common consumer. Industrial PCs offer different types of features than your common PCs such as more reliability, different sizes of storage, compatibility, expansion options and long-term supply. An industrial PC’s biggest advantage is its ability to process control and acquire data. Typically, an industrial PC will feature single-board computers (SBC) and backplanes. SBC is important for industrial built PCs because it does not rely on expansion slots. Instead, SBC uses several microprocessors to build their circuit board. A backplane is a group of electrical connectors that are parallel with each other, forming a “computer bus.” A backplane will commonly use a printed circuit board, but wire-wrapped backplanes are found in high-reliability computers.


Since industrial PCs are built with a more rugged material, different circuit boards, and are incorporated with industrial standard motherboards, the PC is designed to perform in the utmost demanding environments. Powerful core processors make multi-functional panel PCs meet industry standards to ensure the product will withstand physically demanding workplaces. The multi-functional touch panel makes it a great host for multiple field applications. Industrial PCs offer multiple accessories to make it more rugged and reliable, like side rail kits and keyboards. Many industrial PCs are built with washable filters and high flow coolers, which prevent your industrial PC from overheating. An industrial PC will provide years of excellence; despite being exposed to rugged conditions daily. Another important factor in choosing an industrial PC over an ordinary computer for rugged work conditions is that high-performance industrial PCs require little changeover and upgrades to maintain optimal working conditions.


·       High-quality: Industrial PCs are known for their high-quality processors, without needing to compromise the strong material needed to maintain the PCs effectiveness in the workplace.

·       Rugged: Industrial PCs are attractive to its buyers because it can be counted on to perform to industry standards, while being used in various environments, like cold outdoor temperatures.

·       Single-Board Computers: One of the two circuit boards used to operate industrial PCs, an SBC uses microprocessors to complete a reliable circuit board.

·       Low Cost: GAOTek supplies the most in-demand industrial PCs at a low-cost that competes with rest of the market.

·       Backplane: The backplane circuit ensures your computer will be highly reliable at all times, despite the conditions the PC is used in.

·       Core Processors: Many industrial PCs are built with the latest core processors – promising its user efficient operation of multiple applications at once.

·       Mounting: Durable enclosure that includes possibilities for mounting into the surrounding environment (19" rack, wall mount, panel mount, etc.)

·       Automatic air-cooler: Additional cooling with air filtering; alternative cooling methods such as forced air, liquid, and conduction

·       Additional Expansion: Expansion card retention and support

·       Easy Maintenance: Enhanced filtering and gasketing; built to withstand all types of environments. Enhanced environmental protection such as dust proof, water spray or immersion proof.

·       Controls: More robust controls and features with simple interface

·       Additional Power: Higher grade power supply

·       Controlled Access: Controlled access to the controls through the use of locking door. Controlled access to the I/O through the use of access covers

·       Watchdog timer: Inclusion of a watch dog timer to reset the system automatically in case of software lock-up


Industrial PCs are attractive to all types of working environments. They can commonly be found in battlegrounds that consist of war, hospitals, and workplaces that require outdoor work while using a PC. Industrial PCs, unlike PCs used in the house or ordinary offices, offers the user strongly built material that will last in various types of environments that a common PC would not function.

Built-in with the industrial PC, there are plenty of features that will ensure the commitment to the PC’s ruggedness. A watchdog timer will assist your system in resetting if a software lock-up or glitch occurs. Enhanced filters make it simple to maintain and clean your industrial PC. Automatic cooling fans can detect when your industrial PC is on the verge of overheating – it will then use all kinds of cooling methods to prevent your PC from overheating. Most industrial PC’s are dust proof, and water spray and immersion proof, making it ideal for most outdoor environments. With robust controls and features, important controls like your keyboard will be able to withstand more than the average working conditions. Additionally, most industries desire additional expansion card slots and higher grade power supply, keeping the customer up to date with modern day demand. Most industrial PCs feature two types of circuit boards that help our PCs run smoothly; the PC will either feature an SBC circuit or backplane system. 

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