Infrared Thermometer Calibrators

Infrared (IR) thermometers do not require a physical contact to measure temperature. They measure temperature based on reflected light-specific wavelengths. This allows users to measure the temperature of an object from a distance without interruption. GAOTek offers a wide range of infrared thermometers designed to provide precise temperature measurements and easy-to-use calibration for emissivity.


Instrumentation companies have made significant progress over time, providing products with better accuracy, reliability and ease of use. New advancements in infrared technologies have continually resulted in innovations and improvements. Some of these improvements include:

Easier sighting – This is made possible with sensors that provide an integrated through-the-lens target sighting. A laser or video sighting is also added to ensure correct aim and target location under different conditions. These allow users to track where they are pointing the sensor. The incorporation of simultaneous real-time video monitoring and automated image recording delivers valuable new process information for documentation.

Higher resolution – IR thermometers offer twice the optical resolution of earlier sensor models, offering better performance in intensive processes. Higher resolution allows more accurate measurement of even a very small spot, in confined spaces and difficult ambient conditions. Newer innovations also provide improved signal processing capabilities such as emissivity, sample and hold, peak hold and valley hold.

Greater flexibility – End users can now choose IR thermometers with motorized, remote-controlled variable target focusing, for fast and accurate adjustment of focus measurement targets. Suppliers are further improving the versatility of infrared temperature measurement instruments by supplying field calibration software, allowing users to calibrate sensors on site.

Increased accuracy –Short wavelength units in IR sensors minimize errors due to emissivity uncertainty in low temperature applications. New instruments with short wavelength units are less sensitive to changes in emissivity than conventional, high-temperature sensors. Thus, they provide more accurate readings across varying targets at different temperatures.

Greater efficiency – Industrial manufacturers are finding ways to enhance infrared sensing technology and help streamline production processes. Users can pick a part number from an existing temperature set point list and automatically record each peak temperature value. This solution eliminates sorting, and increases cycle time to provide more productivity.


GAOTek infrared thermometer calibrators are compact, lightweight and easy to carry. These instruments have:

A simple and modern housing design: A simple one-handed operation makes it extremely user-friendly.

Precision:  Contactless measurement.

Attractive features: Adjustable emissivity for calibration, laser on/off switch, automatic power off for longer use, °C/°F switch, and Max, Min functions.



Infrared thermometer calibrators find application where the object is surrounded by electromagnetic field and is required to be measured while moving, where the object is placed in a controlled or vacuumed condition, in applications where fast response is required, where the object temperature is beyond the recommended use of contact thermometers, or where contact sensors cannot risk affecting the target object.

Infrared thermal imaging camera is more processor intensive than spot or scanning thermometers, and is used for monitoring large areas. Typical applications include perimeter monitoring, inspection or quality monitoring of manufacturing process, and hot or cold spot monitoring of enclosing space, for safety and efficiency maintenance purposes.

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