Megohmmeters (also known as insulation testers, or meggers) are used to analyze the condition and measure the electrical resistance of various materials, equipment, and circuits. They perform quick, routine tests that help improve products and hastens the time in which a company may want to release their inventions. By testing the electrical resistance, one may be able to find undesired short circuits and open circuits present in their system that may hinder their ability to function effectively. Closed circuits and insulation materials may also be tested for efficiency. This information is inestimable in value when putting industry standards into scope; every customer wants a good product, but overall a safe and dependable product.

GAOTek Megohmmeters are reliable, first-class devices that can be used to detect weak or deteriorating insulation, moisture accumulation, faulty wiring, and acid formations in the system before they can cause irreversible damage. They are designed to perform at the finest degree, which is paramount to any capital ranking company or top-notch technician. Where one megohmmeter may not test as well, GAOTek megohmmeters can make up for where they lack. Unlike ohmmeters, they are ideal for testing for larger equipment that requires higher rates of electricity to flow through their circuitry. Without a well-functioning megohmmeter, one can put their business at risk. GAOTek is a reliable company that produces the most affordable solutions to your technical needs, and GAOTek megohmmeters are no exception to our excellence.


A megohmmeter measures resistance in megohms (millions of ohms), which is required when testing materials that must retain a higher electrical resistance. A standard ohmmeter or multimeter will not have the capacity to provide the appropriate voltage required to test such equipment, thus a megohmmeter is needed in the workplace to complete sufficient testing. Depending on the standards one aims to achieve, the most appropriate resistor values are generally between 1 to 10 megohms.

GAOTek megohmmeters can be designed to create direct currents or alternating currents along with low amperage currents to pass through the resistors using an internal battery, then measures the voltage drop in the tested sample. The premise of this action is to put the materials under a brief stress in order to accentuate any subtle weaknesses present. Our GAOTek megohmmeters are a solid solution for troubleshooting, which will help accurately identify and prevent potential failures in a system. Typically, if the material tested has a lower electrical resistance then it will be riskier to use in the field. However, if the resistance is too high then the material may not be suitable to protect the equipment; it may very well prevent the electrical current from flowing through the system. A megohmmeter must have the capacity to generate voltages that range from 50 to 50,000 volts to be the most accurate; it is crucial that one has the best equipment available on the market. This is why our GAOTek machine is a valuable asset when developing modern technology, and is highly recommended in the testing phase of high-quality electrical products.

GAOTek Megohmmeters can be used to help meet a collection of industry standards. Given the requirements or modern day certifications, it is an understatement to say how important it is to have a reliable megohmmeter on hand. A few of these standards are as follows:

·       IEEE Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery (IEEE Standard 43-2000)

·       ICEA Standard for Optical Fiber Outside Plant Communications Cable (ICEA.S-87-640)

·       IEC Power Cables With Extruded Insulation And Their Accessories For Rated Voltages From 1 kV (Um = 1,2 kV) Up To 30 kV (Um = 36 kV) – (IEC 60502-1)

·       UL Standard for Electrical Resistance Trace Heating for Commercial Applications (UL 515)

·       IEC Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory Use (IEC EN 61010-1 )

·       ESD Compliance Verification Of ESD Protective Equipment And Materials (ESD TR53-01:2015)

As standards change, our devices evolve. GAOTek megohmmeters are the best choice when it comes to meeting industry standards and more


GAOTek Megohmmeters are top-of-the-line devices which vaunt an impressive combination of valuable features. With a focus on the crucial aspects of the megohmmeter, we also include additional attractive characteristics to our equipment. Our device includes features such as:

      Auto Release: When powered on, the device automatically releases the voltage required to function.

      USB Transmission: Convenient and cost-effective data transmissions are performed through USB connection.

      Backlight: With the function of high-quality backlighting, the product is convenient when working in dark environments.

      Straightforward Display: All test results are displayed in a simple, easy-to-read bar pattern.

      Safety Signals: HV indicating symbol and bright red warning light to alert the user when high voltages are being used.

      Auto Power Off: Cost-effective automatic power off:

       if the unit is without operation within 15 minutes after finishing a test, the device will automatically power itself off.

      Ample Storage: Store up to 18 groups of data within the device.

      Time Setting: Customizable time setting in which auto power off can be adjusted to fit personal preferences

      COMP Measurement: this device has a comparing function effective for multiple tests in the field


Megohmmeters are used in various industries to test electrical products for initial efficiency and to maintain existing products. Our GAOTek Megohmmeters can be used with many products and equipment including (but are not limited to):

      Electrical Motors

      Heated Floors (Heating Cables)

      Air Conditioning Units

      Airport Control Contactor Units

      Ceramic Installations For Strain Gauges


      Underground Cables


      Cable Jackets

With GAOTek Megohmmeters, electrical testing is low-cost and efficient. Our industry-leading devices are ideal for testing in typical workplaces, factories, and labs. The equipment’s compact size and lightweight allows for flexibility and portability in different locations, which makes it the ideal apparatus for even the average household technician to carry around during a long work day. Since data transmission is possible by USB connection, data can be transferred between virtually any modern device used in the various industries today. Our megohmmeters are high-class technological devices that boast a good IP rating and remarkable accuracy despite the affordable prices we are able to offer our clients.

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