Phase Meters

A phase meter is a diagnostic tool that is used to detect electrical waves being transmitted through a power source, and it measures the overall delivery of electricity. These devices run uninterrupted, measuring both voltage and the ensuring that current is being supplied to any electrical circuit to provide an accurate reading of overall power consumption.
GAOTek has worked diligently to develop the most advanced phase meters that are high in quality, affordable, and accurate. They are very versatile instruments for the measurement of the overall delivery of electricity transmitted through a power source. We have a wide variety of phase meters with the simplest operation interface. With accurate measurements, we ensure that you will be satisfied when using our products.

GAOTek’s Phase Meters are top of the line when it comes to quality and high accuracy readings. The process can be done in an effective and efficient way with GAOTeks various types of phase meters.


There are variations of electronic and mechanical phase meters that are used throughout the world that can serve a variety of functions, such as automatic usage reporting, outside interference, or unusual draws of sudden power. GAOTek’s Phase Meters are applicable in many of these cases, and are the ideal apparatus to use in such situations.
A three-phase meter is used to allow for a more evenly distributed, constant flow of power when heavy machinery or devices that require large amounts of power are used. Some companies pick to install smart meters that give more accurate real-time measurements of power usage and can automatically bill variable amounts depending on the time of day or the seasonal temperatures.


GAOTek Phase Meters offer a lot of key features that are helpful in operating the device easily and for an accurate reading. Some of these features are as follows:

·         Portability and Accessibility - The phase meter was made with portability and accessibility in mind as this device is portable, compact, easy to use.

·         Automatic and Manual power down - Preferences are important for GAOTek. Therefore, we incorporated the automatic and manual power down. You can manually turn off the device at any time or the Auto power off feature will take over if after 8 minutes there has been no recorded activity from the user

·         Memory Function - The phase meter has the Data hold function within it’s system. This is put in place so an individual can go ahead and retrieve logged data. The function is used to remember a certain log within the data logger. This internal memory system is capable of holding previous records.

·         Durability and Ruggedness– These devices are small and in most cases, carry no weight. So, the devices are very durable and cannot easily be damaged. Also, they remain functional under many to all circumstances.

·         Auto Alarm - The device will automatically alarm the user if contact is made with a strong electric field.

·         Fast Sampling and Measuring Rates - GAOTek has made sure that the measurement readings are fast and accurate or the convenience of the customer

·         Display - The Digital display of the phase meter consists of a VFD display screen. This gives exact and clearly visible readings. The outputted data can also be displayed on an LED indicated display. Digital display with back light gives the device user an exact and clear viewable reading; even when you stay within darker conditions.

·         Battery Low Alert - The battery levels are monitored by the device systems. The user will be alerted when it reaches low-level power and will be notified to recharge the device.

·         Easy Interface -  The device is very easy to use and very simplistic in design which makes it easier to navigate.

 In addition to all these features, our products have a high precision of measurements, high resolution, and quick sampling speed. More importantly, our products are also affordable when it comes to tight budgets. There are many different options to choose from with all the various types of phase meters manufactured by our company.


There are a lot of applications for the phase meters in relation to use. Below is the list of examples where phase meters are desired and are useful for in the industry and for other electrical devices:

·         Calibration laboratories

·         Power factor meters

·         Single phase angle indicators V-A

·         Three phase angle indicators V-A

·         Cos Phi indicators

·         Watt Meters

·         Transformer phasing

·         Multifunction watt transducer

·         Power Meters

·         Current transformer calibration

·         Synchro

·         Current probe phase delay

·         Energy Meters

·         Resolve angle indicators

·         Phase protection relays

Globally, most residential and commercial buildings that are equipped to have power from a centralized grid are equipped with a phase meter to measure the current that passes through it during any given period. This typically is shown for billing and statistical purposes, but a phase meter also safeguards an electrical circuit from unintentional overloads that could damage any electronic devices connected to that grid.

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