GAOTek Polarimeters use the polarimetric technique to measure the rotation of polarized light as it goes through an optically active solvent. To calculate the value of the solution concentrations, it must determine the measured rotation. Our instruments are also ideal for various applications such as chemical, food, beverage, and medical fields. GAOTek high-performance polarimeters are reliable, high quality, and inexpensive equipment that provide an accurate measuring for easier inspection or testing. They are compact, easy to carry and portable to allow the user to work in complex conditions and on-site.


Polarimetry is a sensitive non-destructive technique for measuring the optical activity exhibited by inorganic and organic compounds. If a linear polarized light is rotated, a compound that is optically active will be passed through by the polarized light. Then an amount of optical rotation is measured by the molecular structure and concentration of chiral molecules in the substance.

A polarimeter consists of a polarized light source, an analyzer, a graduated circle to measure the rotation angle, and sample tubes. The rotation of the polarized light can be measured by polarimetry when the light passes through an active fluid. The value of the solution concentrations such as sugar, peptides and volatile oil substances can be calculated based from the measured rotation.

Polarimetry will provide information about the molecular structure, the concentration of the substance and sometimes information about the sample used. Factors such as temperature, the wavelength of the light, and the length of the optical path can affect the optical activity.

The parametric method is a simple and accurate means for determination and investigation of the structure in macro, semi-micro and micro analysis of non-duplicable samples. The use of polarimetry is typically used in quality control, process control and researches in the pharmaceutical, chemical, essential oil, and food industries.

A skilled operator is required when using the traditional manual polarimeter and it takes a considerable length of time to process while nowadays, a modern automatic polarimeter processes much more quickly and it can offer a precise reading in just one second. The operator induced errors are also eliminated and measurement consistency is vastly improved. Various features are also added to the polarimeters such as touchscreen controls and a clear digital readout portrayed in the LCD screen makes the analysis clean, simple, fast, and reliable. The speed a modern polarimeter offers is more productive in the applications it is set and the high performance of the automated instrument is an additional feature for consideration when buying a measuring instrument.


GAOTek conductivity meters are reliable, accurate, and easy to use to help prevent failure in operations. They also provide a variety of features, such as:

·       LCD display

·       Offers the sample concentration, purity, sugar content or the content

·       Advanced digital circuit and microcomputer control

·       Offers measurement of specific rotation, optical rotation and sugar degree

·       Dark-colored samples can be measured

·       RS232 interface

·       Stored data can be transferred into computer by USB communication interface

·       Multi-mode power scheme (battery, power adapter, computer’s USB port)

·       Incandescent light bulbs with optical filter can be substituted for sodium lamp

·       Automatic repetition of measurements and offers average value and means square root

·       Built-in thermal insulation reduces the temperature rise

·       Wavelength calibration, wavelength setting, change lamp source and dark current calibration automatically

·       Instrument can connect to PC via USB and print

·       Optional PC Software to expand the applications to Quantitative, Multi-Wavelength and Kinetics, Spectrum Scanning, DNA/Protein tests

·       Built-in thermal insulation reduces the temperature rise

·       Real-time temperature display


The polarimeter is used in various applications such as research, pharmaceuticals, the essential oil industry, the food industry, the chemical industry, and the sugar industry. The reason why the polarimeters are deployed in these applications are as follows:

Research applications -  the polarimeters are used because of:

·       Isolation and identification of unknowns crystallized from various solvents

·       Evaluation and characterizing optically active compounds based from their rotation measurements and comparing the value with the theoretical values found in literature

·       Investigating kinetic reactions by measuring optical rotation as a function of time

·       Monitoring changes in concentration of an active component in a reaction mixture

Pharmaceutical applications – the polarimeter determines the product purity from the specific rotation and optical rotation measurements.

Food industry – the use of a polarimeter ensures the product quality based on the measurement of concentration and purity.

Chemical industry – to identify and characterize by analyzing the optical rotation.

Sugar industry – a polarimeter ensures the quality control of an original and end product by determining the sugar concentration of refined beet, cane sugar, and molasses.

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