Power Quality Analyzers

GAOTek Power Quality Analyzers is an electrical device that is used to measure electrical power quality that involves voltage, waveform, and frequency. They are used for single-phase or three-phase measurements of the active, reactive, and apparent power, power factor, phase angle, energy, voltage, current as well as peaks and harmonics up to 50º of the harmonic waveform. The power analyzer clamp is equipped with data logger. The test instrument is delivered manufacturer calibrated (ISO or NIST certification as an option). Good power quality means steady supply of voltage which stays within a prescribed range, smooth voltage curve and waveforms. It is very much useful to consider power compatibility between electric outlet and the load which is plugged into it. With GAO Tek Power Quality Analyzers, user can measure the efficiency in building and energy audits. Potential savings, electrical machinery reliability, tracking sub-billing occupants for energy costs can be measured by using the power factoring. Gao Tek power quality analyzers are available in single phase and three phase models. They can be used to measure both voltage and current. They can also measure swells, fast transient, power factor, dips, harmonics and very much useful for advanced power troubleshooting. It also offers generating log over time and details analysis using computer base software and reporting tools.


GAOTek Power Quality Analyzers delivers advanced real time and historic power analytics data to fulfill your energy management requirements. Based on E2C EDGE framework and NI Grid Automation System substation, the Power Quality Analyzer can provide an easy-to-modify base for custom code deployment. Shorter time integration challenges can be overcome by its open architecture and easier for marketing and deployment.


·       12 kinds of power measurement for controlling power and applicable for controlling power quality including harmonics analysis. Easy to use operation helps user for complicated setting and processing large amount of data.

·       Supports single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire and three-phase 4-wire systems. Further, the unit has an extra input channel providing enhanced analysis capabilities

·       Can relate to computer via USB cable. Built-in input and output function can enable signal transmission into alarms. Two-way power supply by AC and battery. Rechargeable Nickel-Hydrogen battery can be used.

·       CF card can be used for recording for memory backup. It can also monitor insulation at leakage current using operational leak clamp sensors. Built-in print screen function can be used to record the display screen. Able to display waveform, vector and can confirm wiring connection. Fully complies with international safety standards IEC61010-1 CAT. III 600V.

·       Supports Δ-Y voltage conversion for three-phase, 3-wire systems, and Y-Δ voltage conversion for three-phase, 4-wire systems. Selectable display of interline voltage and phase voltage.

·      The Time Plot screen can display the flicker (IEC and ΔV10) time series data, RMS fluctuation, voltage fluctuation and harmonic fluctuation. While taking the measurements, the events such as voltage fluctuations, voltage dip, swell or instantaneous interruption event can be enlarged and viewed on the voltage fluctuation event screen.


  • GAO Tek Power Quality Analyzer can be used as a portable instrument for measuring active power, power factor, apparent power, energy consumption, AC current, AC voltage, DC current, DC voltage, frequency, and resistance. The power or performance measurement can be measured by either directly or indirectly by current clamps.
  • Trouble-shooting: fast measurement and display for trouble-shooting. Predictive maintenance: test to avoid power quality problems before malfunctions occur Service function: measure for power quality before use. Long-term analysis: recording function to help find out hidden and intermittent malfunctions. Load analysis: check quality of electric systems before adding loads. Energy evaluation: evaluate energy consumption before installation of energy- saving facilities.
  • GAOTek’s Power Quality Analyzer helps in analyzing the power quality data. It helps to troubleshoot, anticipate faults, detect disturbances in direction, track and verify voltage variations, frequency and any other unfavourable conditions.
  • Power Quality Analyzers save time, reduce the number of points to analyze through data aggregation. They help to identify the problem through classification, analyze events at multiple sites ,capturing and aligning the trigger points and also help in reducing the number of points to analyze through data aggregation.
  • These Power Quality Analyzers are developed to match the industry standards. They have proved ROI for capital expenditures and act as a value-added service to customers.

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