Spectrum Analyzers

GAOTek offers spectrum analyzers that are electronic test equipment used in the installation, test, and maintenance of radio frequency circuitry and equipment. The spectrum analyzers are able to reveal the elements of the signal and the performance of the circuit producing them which otherwise would not be possible to analyze.

The spectrum analyzers display the amplitude of signals on the vertical scale, and the frequency of the signals on the horizontal scale. In this way, the levels of spurious signals including harmonics, intermodulation products, noise and other signals can be monitored to discover whether they conform to their required levels.

Functions of Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum analysers can be used to measure the bandwidth of modulated signals and discover whether they fall within the required mask. They also are widely utilized to check and test the response of filters and networks. As spectrum analysers can monitor tracking generator, they can be used to see the loss at any given frequency. In this way the spectrum analysers make a plot of the frequency response of the network. Spectrum analysers are also applied in most modern signaling process. One example of this application is in optical analysers.


GAO Tek’s spectrum analyzers can run with any operation system like MAC OS, Linux, and Windows. Spectrum analyzers have auto-fitting time, frequency, and spectral density rulers. Spectrum analyzers have adjustable spectral density range. They are compact and lightweight. These spectrum analyzers can also be used to determine, by direct observation, the bandwidth of a digital or analog signal. These spectrum analyzers demodulate AM/FM/SSB/CW audio in real-time. Digital signal processing can be seen on PC after connecting spectrum analysers. These analysers have gas purging input ports / output ports, built-in cut filters, and speed mode options which increase the sweep speed.

Applications and Industries

Spectrum analysers receive and measure radio waves within given parameters which are responsible for data to be transmitted to a television or radio set. Another important application of analysers is in hand phones, loud speakers and tape recorders. They are also used in various industries that require measurement of sound levels. They can be set to measure the light beams that LED such as diodes or lasers emit. These can be used in determining the cause of interference to wireless networking equipment which includes Wi-Fi and wireless routers. Spectrum analysers are widely used in many industries such as telecommunications, consumer electronics, healthcare, life science/medical research, security, sensing, microscopy, and gas/chemical analysis, and environmental monitoring.

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