Thermocouple Thermometers

GAOTek proudly presents a wide variety of thermocouple thermometers. A thermocouple thermometer is an electrical device used for measuring temperature of an item using electrical flow. It is connected to another device called a millimeter which then goes onto calibrate the temperature between the two dissimilar wires into Celsius or Fahrenheit. This device can be used in an array of situations on a daily basis.


GAOTek has integrated many little components into making their thermocouple calibrators. These components include the following technological features:

Thermometer – This instrument is used by many to determine room temperature. In this application it is stored inside the product to read the temperature of any surface or object the product comes in contact with.

Thermocouple – This instrument consists of two metallic wires, made up of different types of metals, and tied together. This makes it a conductor that forms electrical junctions at varying temperatures.


GAOTek Thermocouple Calibrators support the following features:

Fast Sampling Rate/ Reading Rate 2.5 times per second: With this function, the sampling and the reading rate of GAO Tek thermocouple calibrators is extremely quick and efficient.

Portability and Accessibility: Our thermocouple calibrators are extremely portable, compact and easy to use.

Micro USB PC interface: They give you a way to transfer your data to a PC for a more in-depth look, and further analysis of the data.

Support K, J, E, T type thermocouple probe: 4 types of thermocouples give you a wide range of thermocouple probes that you can use.

16000 records each channel data logger: They give you a large amount of space to save records from different occasions before having to export the data.

Temperature Alarm function: The temperature alarm function alerts you when the temperature is about to reach high level of heat or cold. This is primarily for safety and precautionary measures.

Instant recall function: Thermocouple calibrators have an instant recall function to remember a certain log within the data logger. This internal memory system is capable of holding previous records.

PC interface: USB PC interface allows one to transfer the data picked up, and use it in on a PC.

Standard configuration USB-disk interface, support high capacity storage device: GAOTek Thermocouple calibrators are installed with USB-disk interfaces which support a large storage space.

Fast, medium and low scanning speed: This function in GAOTek thermocouple calibrators gives you the option to adjust scanning speed. Although all scanning options are fast and efficient, their precision varies with speed. Fastest option is the most precise.

Cold Junction Compensation: This feature in our thermocouple calibrators gives the machine a default or control reading to start with. In most of these machines, it is based on T1 degree instead of 0.

Broken thermocouple checking function: GAOTek has gone far and beyond in assuring quality in products. This feature notifies you when the machine feels that a thermocouple may be broken.

Allocated channel scanning: With more than one channel, you have the luxury of allocating a specific channel to measure and store data. This is very handy as it gives you 16000 spots to fill.


Thermocouple thermometers are used in a multitude of different professions. They are useful in scientific, industrial, and original equipment manufacturer applications and fields. Native appliances, for example, toasters, stoves, & furnaces, also contain thermocouples, as they allow you to adjust the amount of heat your food or room needs. Thermometers are usually used for accurately displaying the current surrounding temperature. Thermocouple thermometers are used to obtain the temperature for specific fields. A common application is in hospitals. They can be found in nearly all industrial markets. Industries that apply thermocouples include pharmaceutical industries, cement industries, power generating industries and oil or gas industries.

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