GAOTek Videoscopes is an ergonomic handle designed for one-hand operation ensures ease of use. The short, flexible tip with 4-way deflection enables thorough inspection, even in hard-to-reach spaces. The distal tip is controlled via the new manual control that features several advantages over the conventional joystick control: lag-free reaction without overtravel, direct and accurate control, ultrasensitive control that is the direct tip deflection does not involve a motor and allows the user to directly feel obstacles or blockage, outer tungsten braiding ensures maximum sheath flexibility as well as the stability required in industrial use. A kink protector prevents damage to the video scope. Certified by the well-known vehicle brands Audi, Skoda, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, and TATA MOTORS, GAO Tek Videoscopes embodies a new approach to non-destructive inspection. We believe that innovative Videoscopes should be accessible to all who need them, and challenge the view that reliable and accurate inspection products should be so highly priced that they become impractical for business owners. We believe that the best that technology has to offer should be used to benefit our customer’s in practical.


GAOTek Videoscopes use the cutting-edge technology. To assist with the calibration of television cameras, and to "line up" multiple cameras being used at the same location in order to ensure that the same scene shot under the same conditions will produce the same results. As a tool to assist in telecine (film-to-tape transfer), color correction, and other video production activities. Videoscopes are used to monitor video signals to make sure the color gamut and analog transmission limits are not violated. They are used to install or diagnose / troubleshoot television studio equipment. They also find their applications in manufacturing test and research and development applications.

IRE SCALE: The scale to determine video signal amplitudes devised by the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE), now called the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). The IRE scale includes a total of 140 units, with 100 up and 40 down from zero. Analog NTSC - Black is 7.5 IRE. Anything below is “blacker than black.” (PAL uses 0 IRE for Black) Digital - Black is 0 IRE (concept of SETUP / PEDESTAL; use proc amp to make up the difference when going from digital to analog) NTSC “Broadcast safe” range is 7.5 - 100 IRE to avoid gamut, errors, clipping, and distortion.


With innovative CCD technology in conjunction with the outstanding lens systems, GAO Tek Videoscopes offer crystal clear, true color imaging. It has the following features:

·       Endoscopes coupled with state-of-the-art CCD image technology provide crystal-clear, true-color images. Full-format images show the smallest details true to life, enabling GAO Tek Videoscopes to offer a new image quality never previously thought possible.


·       Still images and multi-hour video sequence can be intuitively stored on a data carrier without requiring an additional camera. Beside this, we offer Videoscopes with an integrated measuring system that is very precise and easy to use. The area to be examined is marked and can be immediately measured with precision. The resulting measurement images can be used for additional measurements such as height, distance, area. In addition, the measurement images can be edited by inserting text, colored marking and so on.


·       GAO Tek Videoscopes boast incredibly small outer diameters and remarkable HD quality images and video. With a choice of features, and diameters, these scopes are useful in many applications. Some of the standard features include HD Video Recording, gain control, brightness control, S-Video output, controlled pure white long life LED light, portable image archiving, programmable settings, picture-in-picture freeze, image enhancement, RCA input for LCD panel, and a SD card for image and video storage.


·       Scientifically and ergonomically designed to easily fit in and be operated by one hand. These unique, user friendly, fatigue- fighting, lightweight designs will yield hours of comfortable performance while working on the most tedious and critical inspections.

·       The video scope kits consist of: a video scope, SD Card, Processor, and Carrying Case.

·       It also has Programmable Settings, Automatic Focus, Automatic Light, Full Screen Presentation, Gain Control, Dynamic HD Image Enhancement, One-Touch, Portable SD Card Archiving, Archived Image Review/Playback, Image Freeze with Picture-in-Picture, White Balance Control, Screen Brightness Control, Light Intensity Controls, Image Orientation Control


·       Various interchangeable lenses with a locking mechanism guarantee a complete view of all inspection areas. A wide range of directions of view and depth of field is provided. The lenses are available in a range of working lengths ranging from 1 to 7.5 m as well as diameters from 3.8 to 8 mm. Special units can be obtained on request.

·       The straightforward multipoint measuring system can be used with this Videoscopes. The working channel enables retrieval tools with diverse tips (magnets, hooks, grasping forceps or snares) to be inserted into the inspection area. The working tools can be accessed at the video scope control body, saving significant time and money.

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