Water Depth Meters

Water Depth Meters are used to measure the water depth in the sea, lakes, rivers and any other bodies of shallow waters. Our GAOTek water depth meters have an LCD screen that shows the maximum level of the water depths, and our simple interface provide users with the convenience to easily read the data values out apparatus outputs. The Portable Water Depth Meter is overall a complex device in which operation can be quite taxing on the mind, however, our efforts prove otherwise.

Our GAOTek devices are equipped with a powerful ultrasonic sensor that automatically calculates the current water depth with high accuracy. They are widely used in hydrographic surveying, shallow seas, and in monitoring lakes. Due to the careful manufacturing process, our device can be used for a long time; the built-in rechargeable lithium batteries are made to last. Our water meters are highly reliable and are stunningly accurate with the results. These meters use advanced technology, with improved depth measurement, data transmission and communication capabilities between a user and the machine.

Our products meet such standards in which they have various features that ensure the long-term reliability of our products, while consuming the lowest power. GAOTek is a reliable, high quality brand with various devices designed specifically with our customers at heart.


Water Depth Meters involve many depth measuring instruments such as: ultrasonic transceiver sensors, temperature compensation sensors, servo circuits and compensation circuits within the unit, ideal for monitoring or simply researching all things water. Our devices typically have ± 0.5% detection accuracy. These devices are usually used with frequencies between 50kHz ~ 200kHz (based on matching sensor dependents).

In order for this device to be used, the detector is placed on the water surface or directly into the water, and the detector can calculate the current depth automatically via the principle of propagation of ultrasonic waves in the water. These meters use an internationally advanced technology and they have the ideal functions of controll, data transmission, and depth measurement. The main converter has a 99% SMT process that can ensure long term stable work and reduce power consumption. Our Water Depth Meters meet industry standards such as ISO 9001, and are ideal devices to rely on where accuracy must be met. 


·        Power consumption: The built-in rechargeable lithium batteries allow our devices to use the lowest power consumption.

·        Maintenance: It is easy to maintain our devices; low maintenance is required when deploying a GAOTek Water Depth Tester

·        Cost-effective: Our devices are highly cost-effective and conveniently portable, which make them ideal for any water depth measuring needs

·        Operation: It is easy to operate the machine with its instruments, despite the complexity of the functions it performs

·        Usage: Mainly used for depth measurement of seas, rivers and lakes

·        Measurement:  It shows accurate measurements depending on the water condition and depth levels

·        Flow rate: It can measure at high flow rates despite heavy turbulence and noise which in the past has effected traditional methods of measuring

·        Portability: Our GAOTek devices are made to be flexible in different situations, and size paired with effective power sourcing improves such a quality in out products

·        Bluetooth: Upon request, Bluetooth functionality can be added to our GAOTek devices, which make it more convenient for the use to complete their every day tasks within a more efficient time span

·        Battery Operation: 5V AA battery× or DC 9V with a low consumption rate allows for lengthened use

·        GPS: A Global Positioning System can be added to the device to make it more uniquely convenient, giving you your exact location so logging data between different positions in one area can be done at a faster rate 


A Water Depth Meter allows the user to collect large amounts of data within minimal time and effort. It is designed to take multiple measurements at the same time, which is time-efficient and ensures that all readings are taken from the same location. The sensor detects small changes in the water level and it works in various water quality parameters, record parameters; they pick up either a positive or negative change.


Water Depth Meters are ideal for sewer or waste water applications. They can be used in automation, chemical feed, and water industries. The user can use this equipment in hydrological tests, hydropower plants, reservoirs, measurement of elevation of groundwater in boreholes, standpipes and wells, etc. Underwater ultrasonic positioning systems are now commonly used in a wide variety of underwater work, including oil and gas exploration. When conducting a hydrographic survey in a lake or a river, you can use a Water Depth Meter in order to measure and describe the features which affect maritime navigation, marine construction, and other related activities.

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