Water Quality Meters

GAOTek Water Quality Meter bring laboratory accuracy and the ease of push-button operation to water quality measurement in the field. Featuring a powerful sensor probe and state-of-the-art functions, our water quality meter makes it easy to get highly reliable water quality data simply and quickly just by submerging the sensor in the water. The water quality meter is flexible enough for examining the quality of a broad range of water samples; from factory effluent to urban drainage, river water, lake and marsh water, aquatic culture tanks, agricultural water supplies, and sea water.

Our company has worked tirelessly to develop the most advanced water quality meters that are high in quality, are the most affordable in the market, and accurately precise. They are very versatile instruments for the measurement of the water’s quality. We have a wide variety of water quality meters with the simplest operation. With accurate measurements, we ensure that you will be satisfied when using our products.

GAOTek Water Quality Meters are top notch when it comes to quality and high accuracy readings. The process can be done in an effective and efficient way with GAOTek’s various types of water quality meters.


In today’s technology, there are various types of water quality meters. A water quality meter is mainly composed of a sensor. There are different types of sensors that are available in a water quality meter depending on which type. Below is the list of sensors that can be selected for a water quality meter:

l  Conductivity Sensor - The open flow design of the conductivity sensor stops air bubbles from interfering with the reading and allows sediment to fall away from the sensor. Distinctively designed for easy maintenance with no cell blocks to eliminate or clean.

l  Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (Polarographic) - Changing DO membranes are simple with the snap-on caps which offer uniform stretching for more constant outcomes and remove bubbles and wrinkles. A built-in magnetic stirrer preserves consistent flow over the D/O sensor.

l  Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (Optical) - The sensor consumes no oxygen, the response is fast and no stirring is needed. The typical lifespan is 5 to 10 years, during which time there are no consumable parts, caps, or membranes to replace. Calibration frequency is reduced because the sensor is more stable than membrane-covered sensors.

l  PH Sensor - You can top off the reference solution without the need to replace the entire sensor with replaceable reference solutions in the glass pH sensor. The sensor lasts for years and the glass pH bulb is easy to clean and hard to break.

l  Turbidity Sensor - Turbidity Sensors offer superior linearity; mathematical algorithms remove sand and similar particles from the turbidity calculations, and the built-in wiper keeps the lens clean.

l  Optical Sensors - Chlorophyll a, Blue-Green Algae, Rhodamine - Self-cleaning optical sensors with integrated wipers eliminate biofouling and preserve high data accuracy and improved reliability during extended deployments.

l  Ion Specific Sensors - Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Sodium - A low-cost and easy to change sensor tip is all that is required when the sensor falls out of calibration.

l  Depth & Stage Sensor - The vented digital stage pressure transducer is intended for long-term deployments while the non-vented digital depth sensor is ideal for profiling applications.


GAOTek Water Quality Meters offer a lot of key features that are helpful in operating the device easily and for an accurate reading. Below is a list of key features that GAOTek water quality meters offer:

l  Auto-calibration feature provides hassle free calibration of pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and depth.

l  Shock resistant cover designed for rough treatment in the field and is simply cleaned.

l  Connecting and disconnecting the cable is easy with quick-connect fitting.

l  Auto hold function freezes average data values on the screen to offer more time to verify or transcribe data.

l  Diagnostic functions alert the user of errors.

l  Integral USB connection for data transfer to a PC.

l  Selectable measurement units let the operator report data without the need to convert data to desired units of measure.

In addition to all these features, our products have a high precision of measurements, high resolution, and quick sampling speed. More importantly, our products are affordable when it comes to tight budgets. Users can have different options to choose from with all the various kinds of LCR meters manufactured by our company.


A water quality meter is used in many different fields. Making sure that the quality of water is clean and not contaminated is an everyday task for certain individuals. The following are some applications in which a water quality meter is used.

l  Drinking Water

l  All Water Purification Applications

l  Laboratories

l  Reverse Osmosis

l  Water Conditioning

l  Cooling Towers

l  Waste water

l  Agriculture

l  Aquaculture

l  Hydroponics

l  The Printing Industry

l  Aquariums

l  Colloidal Silver

l  Consumer Use

l  Commercial Use

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