GAOTek offers a wide portfolio of instruments for environmental engineering applications. The portfolio includes products designed to measure sound, light, water, time and solar energy. Our devices provide affordable environmental test solutions for monitoring and optimizing light levels, checking moisture content and water damage, controlling and maintaining water quality and distribution, and checking waste disposal. We also offer products designed to ensure safe air quality, placement and performance optimization of solar energy equipment, and many more environmental monitoring functions.

Environmental Engineering: A Detailed Description

Functions of Environmental Instruments

Environmental engineering employs engineering principles and practices to deal with adverse environmental effects. Environmental engineers work to improve mechanisms for waste disposal, pollution control, soil contamination and other such practices for environment enhancement. It is crucial that environmental engineers are equipped with quality instruments for air quality, water quality, wastewater analysis, waste characterization, gas detection, and other air, wind and water analyses. Some of the applications of these instruments may have direct repercussions on public health. Environmental instruments are powerful devices in cases of an epidemic breakout, a gas leak, air quality degradation and even severe noise pollution.


Environmental testers and meters are extremely important instruments in industrial processes, warehouses, and in the private sector at large, for example, to determine interior and exterior climate or humidity in walls, moisture analyzers and moisture meters are widely used.

Our products cover an extensive range of functionalities. Some of our products are equipped with conductance sensors and temperature sensors to test high purity water and to perform automatic or manual temperature compensation. Features such as quick calibration and real-time monitoring in our devices are important for monitoring O2, CO, H2S, and combustible gasses to warn users and prevent hazardous situations.

Our environmental instruments are an excellent solution for pipeline inspection, and are suitable for long-term usage. We also provide a great selection of products designed to measure pH/pX, ion concentration, and potential temperature.


These budget-friendly and high-performance products are extensively applied in a slew of different industries. Some of the business segments where our products have seen significant application include hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems, and safety systems, for gas leak detection.


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