GAO Tek presents a collection of meters with a wide variety of products that includes optical power meters, fiber optic multimeters, PON power meters, and fiber loss testers. These devices are designed to optimize the architectures for certain types of networks, such as FTTx or LAN/WAN. Furthermore, they are used for testing the average power in fiber optic systems.

Functions of Meters

Optical power meters support FTTx deployments, fiber network testing, certification reporting capabilities and basic power measurements. These devices measure photon energy in the form of current or voltage from detection devices such as photodiodes, thermopiles or pyroelectric detectors.

Fiber optic multimeters are used to measure absolute or relative optical power losses through a length of fiber optical powers. In fiber optic systems, the optical power measurements are basic, similar to electronics in fiber optical multimeters.
Passive optical networks (PON) optical power meters are designed to measure continuous levels of light from the source. These devices are widely used in APON, BPON, EPON and GPON network measurements.

Fiber loss testers are smart handheld testing devices, which combine functions of light sources, power meters, and VFLs. These testers are able to automatically/manually identify wavelengths coming into the power meter from the light source and set them as the current test wavelength.


GAO Tek’s fiber meters are compact devices, which are small and lightweight. The devices have a rechargeable battery and battery charger and they can work continuously for a long hour under both power meter and light source functions, which make them ideal for optical fiber network installation and maintenance applications. These devices have a quick-start operation, which eliminates the warm-up and boot-up time. Moreover, their auto power-saving design makes them more reliable. Some of the devices perform upstream optical power test over ONU 1310 nm under both constant and burst modes. Additionally, most of the products can connect to PCs via USB interfaces for data uploading, optical power calibration, and threshold modifying with the help of GAO Test Console software. They have high-quality safety cover for protection vibration and dropping.

Applications and Industries

Fiber meters are powerful and reliable maintenance tools that have a variety of applications in many fields such as engineering, telecommunication networks, CATV systems and in fiber optic lab testing and light detection. Other uses for these devices include used daily maintenance of the fiber network, CWDM system, DWDM system, and FTTX network. Furtheremore, they are also are used in many systems for the transmission of broad bandwidth digital and analogue signals, and are currently in prolific use in networks such as the internet, wide area networks, local area networks, cable, communications, and telecommunications systems.


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