GAO Tek CWDM Analyzer

ID: C0260011tek

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Product Description


The CWDM Analyzer is designed for CWDM installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It is able to measure and monitor the power values of 10 CWDM channels. This analyzer can replace the high-cost spectrometers and also can conduct quick and reliable measurements in all environments. It can continuously work for 10 hours.

  • Hand-held, more compact and easy to operate
  • TFT (Thin film Transistor) LCD display
  • 10 CH wavelength testing: 63 x 10-5 in ~ 5.63 x 10-5 in (1431nm~1611nm)
  • Histogram or list data display modes
  • Can work as the normal power meter
  • Inner timing system
  • Threshold configuration: can preset threshold value
  • Data Transfer to PC via USB
  • Backlight function

Technical Specifications


 Technical parameters:
Wavelength 5.63 x 10-5 in ~ 5.63 x 10-5 in (1431~1611nm)
Power Range -40 ~+10dBm
Channel Number 10
Channel Spacing 7.87 x 10-7 in (20nm )
Central Wavelength ITU
Channel Band-pass ITU±2.56 x 10-7 in (6.5nm)
Channel Power Resolution ±0.01 dB
Channel Power Accuracy ±0.5 dB
Maximum Input Power 13dBm
Return Loss >45dB
Close Channels Insulation ≥25dB
Non-close Channels Insulation ≥30dB
Threshold Setting 10 Wavelengths
Reference Value (REF) 10 Wavelengths
Data Storage 1,000 sets
Connectivity USB
Detector Type InGaAs
Application Range Single mode fiber
Connector FC/PC (Interchangeable SC, ST)
Backlight Yes
Power Saving Auto-off after 5 minutes idle
Power Module Parameters:
Calibrated Wavelength 3.35 x 10-5 in , 5.12 x 10-5 in, 5.16 x 10-5 in,

6.10 x 10-5 in (850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm)

Power Range -60 ~+10dBm
Unit mW/uW/nW/dBm/dB (REF)
Resolution ±0.25dB (5%) @ 77o F(25℃)
Physical Parameters:
Power Supply Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery / AC adapter
Battery Life continuous operation ≥10 Hours
Work Temperature 0 ~ 122° F (0℃~50℃)
Relative Humidity 0~95%
Dimension (L*W*D) 7.48*4.13*2.16 in   (190L*105W*55H mm)
Weight 1.543lbs (700g)
Standard Accessories:
2*FC adapters, 2*SC adapters, 4*AA rechargeable batteries, AC adapter,

USB cable, CD disk, carrying bag, user manual, test report