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Digital Satellite Finder

GAO Tek Digital Satellite Finder

ID: A0N00023tek

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Product Description


This compact digital satellite finder is specially designed to assist quick setup of satellite dishes and LNBs. With a built-in satellite tuner, it allows users to view specific FTA channels and assess their quality. It also enables user to select and verify equipment. This satellite finder incorporates spectrum analysis software making it convenient for trouble shooting. Measurement data can be stored in the internal memory for later quality comparison. Its high capacity Ni-MH battery allows for 4 hours continuous operation.

Key Features

  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD screen with big fonts
  • DVB-S compliant satellite finder
  • Spectrum analysis function
  • PlaysFTA channels
  • BER, C/N, signal strength and signal quality indication
  • Numerical reading and bar reading for signal strength and quality
  • 13V/18V for polarization selection, maximum 400mA current capability
  • AV in and AV out function
  • Sound and light alarm for lock signal
  • Blind scan function
  • DiSEqC v1.0
  • 22K switch
  • High capability Ni-MH battery, 4 hours continuous operation

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 950 MHz to 2150 MHz
Signal Level -65 dBm to -25 dBm
RF input connector F type, female
Input resistance 75 ohm
Switch Control 22 KHz
DiSEqC Ver 1.0
Measurement item QPSK signal level, BER
Memory 80 measurement data, 80 configuration data
LNB power 13/18V, 400mA
Communication port USB
Battery Ni-MH battery, 4 hours continuous operation
Size 235×105×50mm
Power Adaptor 110V/220V AC
Weight 1.0 Kg
Operation temperature 0 to 40 degree

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