Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

GAOTek Fiber Fusion Splicer

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Product Description


GAOTek Fiber Fusion Splicer is designed for single mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, dispersion-shifted fiber (DSF), non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZ-DSF) and erbium-doped fiber (EDF). It offers both manual and automatic splicing modes. The single fiber fusion splicer features simultaneous X and Y views, a short splicing time of 8 seconds and an impressive tube heating time (sleeve shrinking time) of 40 seconds. It detects the fiber end-face and adjusts parameters automatically. The single fiber fusion splicer automatically adjusts to environmental conditions using built-in temperature, humidity and pressure sensors which provide constant feedback signals to control the fusion arc temperature.

Key Features

  • Compact and light weight
  • Reversible monitor with control panel on each side
  • Max wind velocity of 15 m/s
  • 8 seconds splice time and 40 seconds tube-heat time
  • Both manual and automatic splicing modes
  • Detects the fiber end-face and adjusts parameters automatically
  • Simultaneously X and Y views
  • Large capacity internal battery
  • System auto test ensures the best operating conditions
  • User programmable
  • Auto-calibrate parameters
  • Stores 8000 groups of splice results

Technical Specifications

Applicable Fiber

Single mode and Multi-mode silica based

optical glass fiber



Cladding diameter:100 um–150 um

Coating diameter:0.1 um-1.0 mm


Cleave Length Standard spec: 0.62 in (16 mm)
Mean Splice Loss Single mode fiber: Type 0.02 dB

Dispersion shifted fiber: Type 0.04 dB

Multi-mode fiber: Type 0.01 dB

Mean Splice Time 8 s
Fiber Protection Sleeve Shrinking 1.57 in/2.56 in (40 mm/60 mm) sleeve : Typ.40 s time
Input 100 V~240 V (50 Hz~60 Hz)

AC Adapter

Output: 12 V, 3 A


Proof Test Force

Atmospheric pressure maximum altitude

1.96 N(200 gf)

Program test 11483 ft (3500 m)

Return loss ≥ 60 dB

Environment Conditions


Operation Temperature: 14 °F to 122 °F

(-25 °C to 50 °C)
Humidity: 0 % to 95 % RH

Storage Environment: Temperature



-40 °F to 176 °F   (-40 °C to 80 °C)
0 % to 95 % RH


Interfaces RS-232 and video output
Internal Battery 12 V voltage, 10 Ah, up to 200 continuous splices and heats

W x  D x H

5.59 in x 4.82 in x 5.43 in (142 mm x 122 mm x 138 mm


Weight 4.29 lbs (1.95 kg)

Splicing Operation

Splicing operation: It uses image processing to identify abnormal conditions that sometimes occur during the splicing process. A small portion of these defects sometimes goes undetected and a poor quality splice occurs. Visually inspect the fiber image on the monitor to confirm acceptance or rejection during the various stage of the splicing process.

  1. Start of splicing

Press< >moves the left and right fibers forward. After completion of cleaning arc discharge, the fibers stop at the predetermined position.

Note: When the fiber are moving forward and they appear to hop up and down, contamination may be present in the V-grooves or the fiber surface. Clean the V-grooves and re-do fiber preparation.

  1. Cleave angle measurement and alignment operation

Visually examine the condition of the fiber end-face while the splicer is in operation or at a pause. When the threshold of cleave angle error is exceeded an error message is displayed: “Left Fiber End-face badness” or “Right Fiber End-face badness”, then redo cleave fiber.

  1. Heating with arc discharge

After aligning the fibers, the splicer will produce a high voltage arc discharge to fuse the fibers together. During arc discharge, observe the fiber image on the monitor screen. If some part of the image exhibits an extremely bright glow (hot spot) which is created by burning contaminants located on the surface or end-face of the fiber, there is a possibility that the fiber core will be deformed. Although deformation can be detected by the loss estimation

Function, a re-splice is recommended.

  1. Splice Inspection

When the spliced state is abnormal, the splicer displays an error message “Splice Lost”. A re-splice is recommended.

Note: It is best to perform an arc test at this stage for the splicer to determine the best program for the fiber type.

  1. Splice loss estimating

The estimated splice loss is displayed on the screen. In some cases the splice loss can be improved with the re-arc feature. Press the< >. After re-arc discharge, note displayed of splice loss.

Storing splice result

  1. Press< >or open the wind protector and the splicer

Will automatically perform the proof test and stores the splicing result.

7Fiber Removal

  • Open the wind protector

Check: Heater clamps should be open, ready to receive fiber and splice protector sleeve.

  • Open the left sheath clamp, holding the left fiber in your hand.
  • Open the right sheath clamp, holding the right fiber in your hand.
  • Remove the fiber from the splicer.

8Reinforcing the Splice

  • Slide the fiber protection sleeve to the center of the splice and move it to the tube heater.
  • While applying tension to the fiber, lower the fiber into the Center the splice point
  • Close the heater

     9Storing the fusion splicer

1)Turn the switch to “0” position

2)Take off AC adapter

3)Fusion splicer is an exact instrument. Its carrying case is especially designed with the guarantee the fusion   splicer is not influenced by any dust or hydrosphere. Put in carrying case in the time of fusion

  • Check:Cut off the power before storing.
  • Cleaning the crucial parts in time: pickup camera, lamp-house lens, fiber press and V-groove, wipe off the dust and dunghill.

Check: Would the LCD surveillance screen vertical vail, entireness cling to the fusion splicer

  • Unchain the having line put in the carrying case.
  • Lift the fusion splicer cased the carrying case.
  • Cased the other fittings and expendable, Lid and button the carrying case.

NoteEliminate the liquid in the bottle in time if the alcohol bottle in the carrying case for the fear of spillage influence in the setup.

Additional Information

Weight 7.27 lbs


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