GAO Tek Fiber Loss Tester

ID: C0260003tek

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Product Description


Fiber Loss Tester is a smart handheld test which combines light source, power meter and VFL into one unit. Wavelengths of 3.35 x 10 -5 in (850 nm), 5.12 x 10 -5 in (1300 nm), 5.16 x 10 -5 in (1310 nm), 5.87 x 10 -5 in (1490nm), 6.10 x 10 -5 in (1550nm), and 6.40 x 10 -5 in (1625nm) are already configured in the tester for the convenience of user. It can emit and identify modulated signals of 270 Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz for the fiber. The tester is able to automatically identify the wavelength coming into the power meter from the light source and then set it as the current test wavelength. It also has useful features such as power detection, wavelength and frequency identification. With the function of wavelength auto-detection, the tester actualizes the auto test, which improves the test efficiency greatly and lowers the error a lot in the test. It is commonly utilized in open field testing and laboratory high-precision measurements. It is a powerful and reliable maintenance tool for the telecom workers.

  • Measurement range of -70~+10(OPM-01)and -50~+27 (OPM-02) meets the testing requirement in telecom field.
  • Built-in VFL (2.56 x 10 -5 in (650nm)) provides strong complement for the dead zone testing with OTDR and fusion light-pass testing with Fusion Slice.
  • Measure the length of the fiber according to the loss in the fiber.
  • Large storage capability of more than 1000 test results.
  • Connecting with PC via USB interface for data uploading, optical power calibration and threshold modifying with the help of GAO Test Console software.
  • Small size, light weight, multifunctional and portable.
  • 260K true color LCD display which displays full test details of wavelength, modulated signal and power state.
  • It supports both AC and battery power supply (continuous supply for 30 hours).
  • High-quality protection jacket for protection vibration and dropping.
  • Free upgrading embedded software.

Technical Specifications

Wavelengths Range 3.15 x 10 -5 in ~6.69 x 10 -5 in (800~1700nm)
Calibrated Wavelengths 3.35 x 10 -5 in (850 nm),

5.12 x 10 -5 in (1300 nm),

5.16 x 10 -5 in (1310 nm),

5.87 x 10 -5 in (1490nm),

6.10 x 10 -5 in (1550nm),

6.40 x 10 -5 in (1625nm)

Measurement Range OPM01 70~+10dBm
OPM02 50~+27dBm
Accuracy ±0.25dB±5%
Unit dBm /dB/w ( nw, uw)
Resolution 0.01dB
Test Mode Absolute and Relative
Auto-identify Wavelength Yes
Modulated Signal Identification 270Hz,



Battery Working Time >30 hours
Connector Type FC/SC/ST Interchangeable
Light Source OLS1 5.12 x 10 -5 /6.10 x 10 -5 in


OLS2 5.16 x 10 -5 /6.10 x 10 -5 /

6.40 x 10 -5 in


OLS3 5.16 x 10 -5 /5.87 x 10 -5 /

6.10 x 10 -5 in


Emitter Type FP-LD
Spectral Width ≤ 1.97 x 10 -7 (5 nm)
Output Power ≥-3.5dbm
Output Stability ±0.05dB/15min; ±0.15dB/8h
Auto-identify Wavelength Yes
Output Mode 270Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz
Connector Type FC/SC/ST Interchangeable
Wavelength 650±20nm
Emitter Type FP-LD
Modulated Frequency Modulated Frequency
Power Supply Charger Input 100~240VAC
Output 8.4VDC /1.2 A
Battery Lithium Built, Rechargeable
GAO Test Console Software Supported by WIN2000/ME/XP
Operating Temperature 32oF to 122oF(0℃ to 50℃)
Storage Temperature -22oF to 158oF(-30℃ to 70℃)
Humidity 5%~95% non-condensing
Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.6 in x 3.7 in x 1.7 in (192mm×94mm×43mm)
Weight (including batteries) 0.9 lb (0.42kg)
Standard Configuration
Fiber Loss Tester 1set
Charger 1pcs
FC/SC/ST Interchangeable Connector 2pcs
USB Communication Cable 1pcs
Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (Built-in) 1pcs
Cleaning Cotton Bud 1pcs
Waterproof Package 1pcs
GAO Test Console Setup CD (User Manual) 1pcs
User Guide 1pcs
Quality Certificate Card 1pcs
Maintenance Card 1pcs
Packing List 1pcs