GAOTek Fiber Optical Multi-meter

ID: C0260015tek

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Product Description


The handheld optical multi meter integrates the functions of an optical power meter and a light source module into one unit. The individual regimes of an operation can be chosen manually using the menu function provided. It is used for maintenance in the CATV, telecom instruments, and fiber optics.

  • Different light sources and power meters can be built into the instrument.
  • The multi meter could be turned off from the menu

Technical Specifications

Optical Power Meter
Measurement Range -70~+10/-50~+26 dBm
Detector InGaAs
Uncertainty ±0.2 dB (5%)
Calibrated Wavelength 3.34 x 10-5, 3.86 x 10-5, 5.12 x 10-5, 5.15 x 10-5, 5.87 x 10-5, 6.10 x 10-5 , 6.40 x 10-5 in (850,980,1300,1310,1490,1550 nm)
Resolution 0.01dB
Laser Light source
Wavelength 5.15 x 10-5 / 6.40 x 10-5 in (1310/1550 nm) (others optional)
Measurement Range -30 to 23dBm
Precision ± 10 nW (5%)
Output Power(single mode) ≥–2dBm
Output Power(multimode) ≥–20dBm
Visual Fault Locator
Output Power 1,5,10,20,30 mw
Data line RS232
Operating Temperature 14~+ 140o F(-10~+60°C)
Storage Temperature 14~+ 140o F (-25~+70 °C)
Auto-off time 10 min
Battery Operating Time No less than15 hours
Display 2.4in (60.9 mm) TFT color screen LED backlight
Dimensions 7.5 x 3.94 x 1.89 in (190 x 100 x 48 mm)
Power supply Built-in Lithium Battery
Weight 0.62 lb (.280 g)