A0070013 (1) copy
A0070013 (1) copy

GAO Tek Handheld TDR Cable Fault Locator

ID: A0070013tek

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Product Description


This device is to locate faults, which can be a broken line, cross faults on plastic cables and lead covered cables. Can be also used for inspection of electrical cables.

  • No test dead zone
  • Fast test speed and accurate test distance
  • Portable
  • Large colorful LCD display
  • User-friendly operation interface; six function keys can do all the tests
  • High-energy Li battery, continuous work for 10 hours

Technical Specifications

Max range


4.97 miles (8 km)


Highest resolution


3.28 feet (1m)


Dead Zone


0 feet (0 m)


Power consumption






0.926 lb. (0.42kg)




7.87 in x 3.54 in x 1.69 in (200 mm × 90 mm× 43mm)


Working temperature


5oF to 113oF   (-15℃ to +45℃)


Storage temperature


-4oF to 131oF   (-20℃~+55℃)