Network Cable Tester-A0060004
Network Cable Tester-A0060004

GAO Tek Multi-Function Network Cable Tester

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Product Description


This multi-function network cable tester is specially designed to determine cable length and test for open circuits, short circuits, cross connections, reverse connections and pairing connections and report the position of broken wires.Its multiple functionfeatures together with its fast and accurate testing capability make it a valuable tool for engineers and technicians to use in the installation and maintenance of cabling systems.

This handheld tester is capable of measuring and testing network cables, coaxial cables, telephone cables and USB cable with a range of up to 1500 m. It is able to locate broken wires with an accuracy of 98%. It has a self-test function which allows it to automatically compensate for changes in battery level and ambient temperature.

Key Features

  • Tests for open circuits, short circuits, cross connections, reverse connections, pairing connections in network cables, telephone cables, BNC cables, and USB cables
  • Tests for crosstalkon network cable
  • Efficiently locates the target cable among multiple cables
  • Accurately determines open circuit position
  • Measures cable length using three methods: M-S, M-R and OPEN
  • Automatic power off and backlight function
  • Self-test function

Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions (mm) Main tester: 185×80×32
Remote identifier: 107×30×24
Display Dot matrix 128×64 (Effective visible area 56×40mm)
Power supply 9V compound tandem cell
Testing cable types STP/UTP 5E, 6E network , telephone , coaxial ,USB signal cable and common metal wires
Cable fault positioning Fault positioning, open circuit, short circuit, cross connection, reverse connection, pairing connection
Operating environment temperature/ humidity -10°C to 60 °C
20% to 70%
Testing device interface Main unit: RJ45 (M), RJ45 (S), loop interface, RJ11, BNC connector, USB B-type; Remote identifier: RJ45, RJ11, BNC connector, USB A-type interface
Length measurement Range: 1 to 1200m
Calibration precision:2% (+/-0.5m,or+/-1.5 feet);
(calibration; cable >10m)
Measurement precision:3% (+/-0.5m,or +/-1.5 feet);
(AMP, CAT 5E, 6E cable material)
Display unit: meters, inches, yards;

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