Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer with 400 Times Magnification
Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer with 400 Times Magnification

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer with 400 Times Magnification


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Product Description


This Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer with 400 Times Magnification is concise and small in size and has two patents for its technology. It is used for joining two optical fibers end to end using heat, to fuse the two fibers together in such way that light passing through the fiber is not scattered or reflected back by the splice thus making the splice and the region surrounding it almost as strong as the virgin fiber itself.

Key Features

  • 5 inches high Resolution colorful LCD display
  • Average splice time: 10 second
  • Average tube-heat time: 30 second
  • Lithium battery: up to 180 times of continuous splice and heat
  • Simultaneous X and Y views with 300 times magnification
  • X or Y can be viewed separately
  • Splicing mode: Auto & Manual & Full-Automation
  • USB Terminal
  • Storing up to 6,000 groups of splice results.
  • Wind and dust resistance
  • Fiber core alignment and enhanced accuracy
  • 3 in 1 cutting fixture for rubber-insulated wire (Patented)
  • Multi functional 1+N optical fiber fixture (patented):1
  • Multipurpose fixture     (applicable to fiber optic bare, cable, patch cord)

Technical Specifications

Applicable Fiber SM, MM, NZDS, DS (dispersion shifted)
Average  Splicing Loss 0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MMF), 0.04dB(NZDS),


Return Loss ≥60dB
Splicing Program 50 groups
Language English
Environmental Conditions -10~+40℃(operation temperature),0~95% RH(humidity)
Power Supply 12V voltage 8AH
Weight 2.5kg
Dimension 130*135*130mm
Heating Time 255
Welding Time 7S
Fiber magnification 400 times

How to Use


OPTICAL FIBRE FUSION SPLICER provides two power-supply modes:

① Storage Battery; ② AC Adapter. Please make sure that OPTICAL FIBRE FUSION SPLICER shall be turned off .in case of operating it.

  • Insertion of the Storage Battery –Insert the storage battery into the battery slot until it is properly in place.
  • Removal of the Storage Battery – Using one hand to press and hold the release button and also support the edge of OPTICAL FIBRE FUSION SPLICER, and the other hand to push the storage battery out.
  • Connection of the AC Adapter – Insert the plug via aiming at its location point and then screw it till it is tightened.
  • Disconnection of the AC Adapter – Unscrew the plug cover and pull out the plug.



The scale mark I is to supply the power from the storage battery, and the scale mark II is to supply the power from the AC adapter.



  • To open the wind-protector cover and the optical fiber clamp cover.
  • To get the ready optical fiber to be placed in the V-shaped groove, and make the end of optical fiber be placed at the position between the edge of the V-shaped groove and the electrode tip.
  • To use fingers to nip the optical fiber, then to close the optical fiber clamp cover so as to   ensure that the optical fiber will not move, and make sure that the optical fiber will be placed at the bottom of the V-shaped groove. If the optical fiber is placed incorrectly, please place the optical fiber over again.
  • To place another optical fiber according to the above step.
  • To close the windproof cover.



  • Optional Operation ModesAUTO/MANUAL
  • Optional Types of Optical Fibers: Single Mode (SM) / Multi Mode (MM) /Non-Zero Dispersion-Shifted (NZDS) / Erbium-Doped (ED) Optical Fiber
  • Pause Functions: Open/Close

Open: After the completion of the core-to-core, press the AUTO key to perform the fusion splicing.

Close: After the completion of the core-to-core, automatically perform the fusion splicing.



  • Open the heater lid.
  • Open the windproof cover.
  • Open the optical fiber clamp covers at the left and right.
  • Take out the optical fiber and move Optical Fiber heat-shrinkable sleeve to the splicing point.
  • Place the Optical Fiber heat-shrinkable sleeve in the centre of the heater and cover the heater lid.
  • Press the HEAT key to heat, the heat indicator will also light up.
  • When the heat indicator goes out and a hint sound appears, the heating is completed.
  • Turn on the heater lid, and take out the optical fiber to check and see if the optical fiber contains air bubbles or not.
  • After completing the checks, place the optical fiber in the Cooling Salver to cool it.


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