Optical Fiber Identifier with Large Range (Long Battery)


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Product Description


GAOTek Optical Fiber Identifier with Large Range identifies cables buried in wells or wire pole with long battery life and adjustable sensititvity.

Key Features

  • Multi level adjustable sensitivity to adapt to a variety of detection range
  • The Maximum test range is 60km.
  • Working time of lithium battery is more than 20 hours
  • Various ways to identify the measured fiber optic cable
  • Offer VFL function
  • Telecom Maintenance
  • Integrated wiring system
  • Other network construction and maintenance, scientific research, laboratory, teaching instrument equipped with etc.

Technical Specifications

Test Distance(km) 50
Output Power(mW) >-3dBm
Fiber Type SM
Connector SC/APC(or FC/APC)
Signal Output Format Waveform on LCD,Bar Displaying and earphone output
Power Supply(V) DC 12V 2A
Battery Rechargeable Battery
Dimension(mm) 100mm x 200mm x 30mm

3.93in x 7.87in x 1.18in

Weight(g) 860g i.e 1.89lbs
Operating Temperature(℃) 0C ~ 45C

32F ~ 113F

Storage Temperature(℃) -20C ~ 60C

-4 F ~ 140F


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