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Optical Fiber Ranger with VFL for FFTx (Up to 8 Faults)


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GAOTek Optical Fiber Ranger with VFL for FFTx (Up to 8 Faults) detects fiber fault locations with high accuracy and provides long battery life and VFL operation. It adopts the OTDR technical principles and integrates a powerful analysis software which enables the fiber ranger.


  • Portable, light, rugged
  • User Friendly
  • Provides higher accuracy for results and better repeatability; attenuation events have higher accuracy compared to reflection events
  • Can detect up to eight fiber faults in each measurement
  • Auto Pulse Width Control Function sets the best pulse width during the scanning process and finds the events within the test range
  • Built-in visual fault locator (VFL) helps to detect faults in dead zone
  • Dust, water and shock proof, designed for outdoor use
  • Long battery life; runs up to 5000 usage

Technical Specifications

Operating Wavelength 1550nm(1310nm Optional)
Fiber Type 9/125um SM Fiber
Optical Connector Type FC/PC
Detector Type InGaAs
Peak Power of laser(mW) ≥60
Max.Distance Reflection Event(km) 60 (≥1dB)
Non-reflection Event(km) 20 (≥2.5dB)
Measurement Unit M
Reflection Event Dead Zone(m) 15
Distance Accuracy(Reflection Event)(m) ± {2m+2 x 10(-3) x Distance(m) }
VFL Wavelength(nm) 650
Output Power(mW) >1
Power Supply AA,3pcs
Battery Operating Time Measurements ≥5000
Hours >10
Working Temperature 23°F to 104°F (-5°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C)
Humidity(%) 0~85(Non-condensation)
Dimensions 7.48in x 3.94in x 1.97in (190mm x 100mm x 50mm)
Weight 0.99lbs (450 g)

Additional Information

1) Turn on the unit and enter the test mode.

2) Clean the under-test fiber and connect it to the OTDR port. Please choose the correct the fiber connect before connecting.

3) Press “SCAN” to review the fiber and show the scanning progress on the screen.

4) After the test, it will show the total test results.
The maximum list able events could be 8. Press “▲/▼” to review the total events

5)  It will show the non-events when the real test range is within the dead zone or beyond test range.

6) When repairing the fiber, people could use this unit to identify the location of the breaks or do the automatic cycle test. Press “Scan”, unit it shows “Scan” in the screen.

7)  Show the location of the current break.

8) The unit starts to test 5s later. When the break is successfully repaired, a different value will be showed in the screen.
9) Press “SCAN” again to exit automatic cycle test。
10)  Press “IOR” to enter the refractive index changing mode.

11) The refractive index ranges from 1.0000-2.0000.Press “▲/▼” keys to change the values and press ”IOR” key to save and exit the changing mode. User can change the value to match the different tested fiber, however, the value should be correctly adjusted according to the refractive index of the fiber under test.
12) The VFL could be used for location of the short-distance fiber faults. Before using the function, please make sure that it is not under the automatic cycle test mode. Connect the fiber to the VFL output port and press “650nm” key, a visible red beam could been seen at the breaking point or end –face of the tested fiber. Press “650nm” again to exit the VFL mode.

Trouble Shooting:

Problem Possible Reason Solution
Fail to turn on the unit Do not turn on the unit Press the “Power” key
Lower battery power Replace the batteries
Fiber length test is not accurate Poor refractive index setting Set the refractive index as per the original manufacture’s values
Polluted fiber end face Clean it with pure alcohol
Polluted output ports Clean it with pure alcohol
Wrong fiber connector Use the fiber with correct connector or hybrid adapter


The equipment should:

  • Not be exposed to sun directly
  • Be plugged in/out during the test

Safety Measures:

  •  Do not look at the breaking point or end face of the tested fiber directly.
  • Turn off the unit and keep the output ports inactive when cleaning. Otherwise, it will lead to dangerous radiation harms.


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