Optical Light Source with Two Wavelengths (Auto Shut down)
Optical Light Source with Two Wavelengths (Auto Shut down)

Optical Light Source with Two Wavelengths (Auto Shut down)


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GAOTek Optical Light Source with Two Wavelengths (Auto Shut down) provides user modulated output in two wavelengths which deals with the transmission of light through transparent fibers. The device is equipped with 1.0mm large-area detector which allows the stability and reliability to be enhanced effectively.  Fiber optic light sources utilize transmitting light from a source to illuminate a remote location as well as communication.
The portable tester is used for installation, debugging and maintenance of fiber network. It is widely used in the field of cable construction and maintenance, optical fiber transmission, optical fiber communication, fiber optical sensor and CATV.


  • Works with NF-900 optical power meter
  • A fast, stable and cost effective test solution
  • De repeated word 2 wavelengths output:1310,1550nm
  • CW/ 270Hz,1KHz, 2KHz modulation output
  • FC/SC/ST general-purpose interface

Technical Specifications

Wavelength (nm) 1310, 1550
Emitter type FP-LD
Output power -7dBm
Modulation frequencies CW/270Hz,1kHz,2kHz
Fiber type SM/MM
Optical connector FC/SC/FC
Automatic shutdown time 15 mins
Power supply 1.5V x 3pcs
Overall dimension 6.3 in x 2.95 in x 1.26 in (160 mm x 75 mm x 32 mm)


Additional Information


  • Detect and locate fiber fault
  • Measuring power output
  • Delete repeated word loss in fiber cable or device
  •  Fiber installation and maintenance
  •  Fiber transmission and telecommunication fiel

Key explanation:

  1. Power button: If the device is not used for 1 hour, the system will automatically shutdown. To disable the shutdown function, short press the power button. To turn off the device, hold down the power button for a few seconds.
  2. Mode: Press the button to select desired frequency.
  3. Wavelength: Press the desired wavelength button, the device will emit light source of either 1310 nm or 1550 nm.
  4. Calibrate: Long press the calibration button to keep current value as reference power value, and short press to be changed into relative power loss. The values will be shown on the top right. The unit is dB.
  5. “Auto-off”: Press the button with “Auto-off” icon indicating it is working and will be shown at the lower left of screen. Pressing the button again will disable the function.


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