OTDR with Vision Fault Locating (Auto-Optimization)


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GAOTek OTDR with Vision Fault Locating (Auto-Optimization) is an optical fiber communication tester which can test the length of optical fiber and optical fiber cable attenuation coefficient. It can display the loss distribution curve of the optical fiber and cable as well as the loss between two points and the joint loss. It can also test the distance between two points and the position of joint, fault point as well as breaking point.

The OTDR can be used in the fault detection of optical fiber cable and the construction and acceptance check of optical fiber cable project.


  • Test the distance between two points and dynamically display the distance between two cursors
  • Test the loss between two points and the loss constant of the optical fiber and cable
  • Test the joint loss
  • Auto-optimization and quick response
  • Search for the event points automatically
  • The function of waveform storage: it can store the waveform data and test condition into the disk and the stored information also can display again.
  • Support the function of copy: it can copy the data file which is built in the internal disk into the U-disk directly.

Technical Specifications

Optical Output Connector FC-PC (standard)
Display Screen 12.59in x 9.45in (320mm × 240mm)  3.5 (89mm) inch colored LCD (touch screen)
Port USB port
Dimension 8.66in x 4.13in x 2.36in (220mm × 105mm × 60mm)
Weight: about 2.20lbs (1kg)
Duration of the Battery Standby: >50h

Testing Time: >20h

Working Current 450-600mA
Power Consumption About 4 W
Event Dead Zone ≤2m
Attenuation Dead Zone ≤10m
The VFL Output Power >2mW
The Capacity of Storing Waveform >10000
Degree of Linearity(dB) ±0.05
Loss Threshold(dB) 0.01
Loss Resolution(dB) 0.01
Sampling Resolution(m) 0.16~5
Averaging Time 5s, 15s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 3min
Power Consumption <3W
Alarm with Light >1uw(-30dbm)
Distance Uncertainty ± (1m+sampling interval + range×0.005%)

Additional Information

Components of the tester

  1. Basic components:
Items Names Qty
Host OTDR 1
Standard Accessory Adapter(FC standard) 1
User manual 1
CD                             (including management software) 1
USB Data Cable 1
Carrying Bag 1
  1. Optional Modules:
Order NO. Wavelength Fiber Type Dynamic range


GT00ZV00ZX – A 1310nm/1550nm


SMF 28/26dB
GT00ZV00ZX – B 1310nm/1550nm


SMF 32/30dB


  1. Optional Accessories:
NO. Name QTY Note
1 SC Connector 1pcs Adapter
2 ST Connector 1pcs Adapter

Panel Function

No. Key/area Function
1   ON/OFF: Long press it for 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the tester.
2 VFL Turning on or off the visible red light (CW/1Hz)
3   Enabling or disabling the measurement mode
4 Menu Open or exit from a menu
5 A-B Switch between cursor A and B
6   Global trace display
7   Second function key (compound key)
8   Leftward direction key: turn the cursor left; menu operation.
9   Rightward direction key: turn the cursor right; menu operation.
10   Upward direction key: turn the event list upward; menu operation
11   Downward direction key: turn the event list downward; menu operation
12 OK A confirmation key; even list; ,menu operation
13 ESC Exiting from the current menu or canceling the current operation

Key combinations:

No. Key combination Function


Latitudinal zoom-out of trace


Longitudinal zoom-out of trace


Latitudinal zoom-in of trace


Longitudinal zoom-in of trace
5         Global display of trace



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