GAO Tek PCM Channel Analyzer

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Product Description


This PCM channel analyzer is a portable PCM instrument with in-depth measurements and customizable configurations. It combines functions of an analog signal generator/receiver, BERT, signaling generator/receiver, selective level meter, ring generator/ identification, dialer, DC loop circuit (ICT,OGT), a balanced bridge and reflecting bridge into a single unit. It facilities the measuring of PCM voice encodes/decodes performance characteristics. Using the remote control via USB or Ethernet interface, users can develop and design voice channel measurement/control system under various surroundings. It can also compare the measured results with built-in standard ITU-T tolerance mask. It is able to grade tests automatically. The Test results can be uploaded to PC using the GAO Test Console software and can be viewed, analyzed, or printed.

  • Integrated with Tone Oscillator, Selective Frequency Meter, BER tester and Call Generation
  • 7 inches (0.14 m) 640X480 pixel high-resolution colorful LCD display
  • Adjustable control and operating modes, supporting touch operation, key-stroke operation and extended mouse operation
  • User friendly
  • Built-in call installation circuit which can set up testing channel directly by dialing on the tester without other telephone
  • Built-in generator and receiver, analog input and output interfaces are seperate from ICT and OGT. Interfaces can be directly tested, including 2/4 Wire E&M, MDR, LGE, FXO, LGS and FXS
  • Built-in balanced bridge and reflecting bridge, return loss, longitudinal conversion loss and longitudinal conversion transfer loss can be measured with only one tester
  • Built-in test mode can be defined by users, effectively satisfying testing standards of various products
  • Remote control signaling group is available, to develop under different conditions by the users
  • Embedded software can be upgraded

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 200Hz-3600Hz, Step :1Hz
Level +5dBm0¬-60dBm0, Step : 0.1dB
Variation in Frequency Response +-0.1dB
Frequency Range 200Hz-3600Hz
Level Range +5dBm0¬-60dBm0
Error Range +-0.1dB
Level Range +5dBm0¬-60dBm0
Error Range +-0.1dB
Interface Impedence
Balanced 600 ohms, 200 ohms + 560 ohms/ 0.1μF, 200 ohms + 680 ohms/0.1μF, customized impedences 0 ohms (output) and high impedence (input)
Unbalanced 600ohms
Interface Type FXO (LGE), FXS (LGS), 2/4W E&M, MDR
DC Loop
ICT Dynamic impedence > 100kohms

Loop Constant Current = 22mA

OGT Dynamic impedence > 100kohms

Loop Current: max. 60mA

Digital Interface
Impedance 75
Output Code HDB3, AMI
Coding Method A-rule, μ-rule
Frame Type PCM30/30CRC, PCM31/31CRC
Tx Clock Source Internal, Interface
E1 Error Testing
Testing Pattern 1111, 0000, 1010, 32bit programmable word
Basic Analysis Error, EFS, Current Error Ratio, Average Error Ratio
G.821 Analysis ES, DM, SES, Unavailability
TestManagerPro Software Supported by WIN98/NT/ME/2000/XP
Power Supply AC220V+-10%, 50Hz
Operating Temperature 32o F-122o F (0o C-50o C)
Storage Temperature -22o F-158o F (-30o C-70o C)
Humidity 5%-95% non-condensing
Dimensions (L*W*H) 11.5in*7.6in*2.2in (293mm*195mm*56mm)
Weight (including batteries) 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
Standard Configurations
PCM Channel Analyzer 1 Set
3 Pin Audio Set Cable 2 Pc
Grounding Cable 1 Pc
Master-Slave USB Cable 1 Pc
AC Power Cord 1 Pc
Stylus 1 Pc
TestManagerPro Setup CD 1 Pc
User Guide 1 Pc
Waterproof Package 1 Pc
Quality Certificate Card 1 Pc
Maintainance Card 1 Pc
Packing List 1 Pc
Optional Configurations
E1 75 Unbalanced Test Cable 2 Pc
E1 120 Balanced Test Cable 1 Pc