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Product Description


This portable PTN/IP RAN Tester is specially designed for field testing in PTN/IP RAN bearer network. It measures, analyzes and evaluates the transmission quality, performance, and the clock synchronization of the IP bearer network. It provides reliable test data for the opening and maintenance of bearer network, to guarantee the stability of 2G/3G/4G mobile backhaul network. This PIN/IP RAN tester is widely applicable in the opening, check & acceptance, and commissioning, troubleshooting, daily maintenance in the mobile system.

Key Features

Basic Functions

Ethernet Testing

  • Supports 10/100/1000M dual electrical ports (RJ45) and dual optical ports (SFP)
  • Full RFC2544 benchmark test: throughput, frame loss rate, latency, back-to-back
  • Supports Y.1564 test, including Service Configuration test and Service Performance test
  • 8 and 128 multi-streams traffic generator
  • Traffic filtration statistic at the receiver end
  • Layer1, layer2, layer3 BER test, error injection and results statistics
  • Service Disruption Time test
  • Smart loopback
  • Supports VLAN, Q-in-Q tag and DHCP
  • Connectivity test: PING, TRACE ROUTE, ARP SCAN, etc
  • Cable VCT: capable of identifying short circuit, open circuit, cable length fault location, etc
  • Provides test tools like blink port, sniff frame, loop back, etc

TDM (E1) Testing

  • Out-of-service framed and unframed testing
  • In-service framed and unframed testing
  • Hi-Z and through mode BER testing
  • Timeslot activity monitoring
  • APS & Round Trip delay measurement
  • Jitter generation and Jitter measurement (Option)
  • Wander measurement
  • Error insertion: Single, Fixed Rate and Off
  • Frequency, Offset and Level measurements
  • Transmit clock deviation up to +/-999ppm
  • Pulse Mask Measurement
  • Pulse level real-time measurement
  • Performance analysis in accordance with G.821, G.826, and M.2100

Clock Synchronization Testing (Option)

  • E1 jitter tolerance, max output jitter, jitter transfer
  • E1/SyncE clock wander test, TIE,MTIE,TDEV analysis
  • E1/ SyncE clock frequency accuracy test
  • Connect external clock reference source

Other Functions

  • Manual, Auto-timer measurements
  • Beeper, LED alarm and indication
  • Settings and test results can be saved inside or to flash memory directly
  • Large capability of built-in battery, continuous working for 6~8 hours
  • Provide TestManagerPro software for uploading, analyzing, filing, and printing with PC

Main Functions

  • Ergonomic and creative design, easy to carry around, specially for field testing
  • 5 inches LCD color touch screen, smart menu-driven operations
  • Results can be shown graphically and numerically
  • Cover/joint protection, with hand rope & kickstand provided for different test fields
  • Perfect combination of TDM, Ethernet, and Clock Synchronization measurements
  • Dual independent ports in Ethernet testing, with multiple test modes
  • Large storage capability of settings and results
  • Auto power save function
  • Print test report in A4 format with TestManagerPro
  • Upgrading embedded software for free

Technical Specifications

Ethernet Testing
Test Interface Dual RJ45 ports supporting 10/100/1000 BASE-T
Dual SFP ports supporting 1000BASE-SX/LX/ZX
Test Mode Full duplex
Standard Supported IEEE 802.3, RFC1242, RFC2544, Y.1564
Error Analysis G.8261
TDM (E1) Testing
Internal Clock 2048Kb/s +/-1ppm
Frequency Deviation +/-1100ppm
Line Interfaces 75Ω Unbalance
120Ω Balance
High Input Impedance 2K
Line Code HDB3, AMI
Frame Type Unframed, PCM30, PCM30CRC, PCM31, PCM31CRC
Receiving Sensitivity > -43dB
Tx Clock Source Internal, Interface
Pulse Mask Measurement Comply with G.703
Jitter Generation Amplitude: 0 to 30UI
Frequency: 20 to 100KHz
Accuracy: 0.05UI
Jitter Measurement Comply with G.823, O.171, O.172
Amplitude: 0 to 30UI
Frequency: 20 to 100KHz
Accuracy: 0.01UI
Filter: all pass, 18KHz-100KHz, 20Hz-100KHz
Frequency Measurement Accuracy: +/-1Hz
Offset Measurement Accuracy: +/-1ppm
Range: -999ppm to +999ppm
Delay Measurement Accuracy: +/-1μs
Test Patterns PRBS: 223-1, 220-1, 215-1, 211-1, 29-1, 26-1
Fixed Code: 1111, 0000, 1010
16-BIT: User Programmable Word
Error Insertion >Type: BIT, FAS, CODE, CRC4, E-BIT Single, OFF, Fixed Rate: 10-2, 10-3, 10-4, 10-5, 10-6, 10-7
Performance Analysis >ITU-T G.821, G.826 and M.2100
Clock Synchronization Testing
Standard Supported ITU-T G.812, G.813, G.8262
TIE Resolution 0.1ns
External Clock Reference Source 10MHz-TTL, 10MHz-SIN
Communication Port USB port or RJ45 port
Display 5 inch large size display with color touch-screen
Rechargeable Battery 7.4V Li-ion battery, continuous working for 6 hours
Recharge Time Approx. 2 hours
Power Supply Charger:
Input: 100V to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Output: 8.4VDC /1.2A
Battery: Li-ion battery
TestManagerPro Software Supported by WIN2000/XP/7
Operating Temperature 0 degree to 50 degree
Storage Temperature -30 degree to +70 degree
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions (L*W*H) 233mm*110mm*64mm
Weight (Including batteries) Approx. 0.8kg


Standard Configurations


PTN/IP RAN Tester. 1set
E1 75? Unbalance Test Cable 2pcs
E1 120? Balance Test Cable 1pcs
Double E1 Balance Test Cable 1pcs
LAN Test Cable 2pcs
Master-slave USB Cable 1pcs
Charger 1pcs
Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (Built-in) 1pcs
TestManagerPro Setup CD (User Manual) 1pcs
User Guide 1pcs
Waterproof Carrying Case 1pcs
Quality Certificate Card 1pcs
Maintenance Card 1pcs
Packing List 1pcs
Annex (Option)
Annex 1 1000Base-SX module (MM 850nm)
Annex 2 1000Base-LX module (SM 1310nm)
Annex 3 1000Base-ZX module (SM 1550nm)
Annex 4 Patch cord I (Single mode)
Annex 5 Patch cord II (Multi-mode)


Order Information


GAO A0060003 PTN/IP RAN Tester (without option)
Option 1 Jitter Testing
Option 2 2MHz Clock Synchronization Testing
Option 3 SyncE Clock Synchronization Testing

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