Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Analyzer

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This radio frequency spectrum analyzer is used to install, test, troubleshoot, analyze and optimize wireless networks in telecommunications, broadcasting and CATV. It uses locked–phase local and all–digitized medium frequency processing technologies. All RBW/VBW filters and medium frequency/video detectors are digital. Its internal non–volatile memory can store 200 measurement data, which can be downloaded via its RS232 interface. The radio frequency spectrum analyzer is equipped with a 6-inch VGA TFT color LCD screen.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range 9 kHz to 3 GHz
Frequency Readout Accuracy ±(frequency reading × reference frequency error + 5% span +25% resolution bandwidth)
Resolution Bandwidth 100 Hz to 1 MHz (1,3 steps)
Bandwidth Accuracy ± 25% (1 MHz) ± 10% (<1 MHz)
Bandwidth Switch Uncertainty < 0.5 dB
Video Bandwidth 10 Hz to 1 MHz (1,3steps)
SSB Phase Noise <-75 dBc/Hz (at 30 kHz,1 G)
<-110 dBc/Hz (at 1 MHz,1 G)
Amplitude Range 20 dBm to Noise Level
Max. Safety Level CW 27 dBm DC Level ± 20 V
Display Average Noise Level 100 kHz to 500 kHz: < -95 dBm (typical -100 dBm)
>500 kHz: <-107 dBm (typical -115 dBm )
Combined Level Uncertainty ± 3 dB (reference level to 60 dBc lower than reference level, typical ± 1 dB )
Spurius Response < -45 dBc
Residual Response < -80 dBm
Frequency Response ±1.2 dB
Input Attenuator 0 dB to 30 dB (10 dB step)
Input Port N female, 50 Ω, Input SWR 1.5
Digital Port RS232
Power Consumption < 15 W (not including recharging capacitance)
< 28 W (including recharging capacitance)
Operating Time About 4 h with fully-charged battery
Mtbf >3500 h
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions Circa 175 mm x 280 mm x 80 mm
Environment Adaptation Conforms to third-level equipment standards in GJB3947–2000

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