Visual Fault Locator with Long Range (Stable Power Output)


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GAOTek Visual Fault Locator with Long Range operates for fiber identification and faults locator of SM or MM fiber with stable power output & universal adapter.

Key Features

  • Support CW and 2Hz modulation work mode
  • Stable power output: use special laser driver circuit, which can ensure stable power output in the low battery.
  • 5mm universal adapter: use 2.5mm universal adapter, can match SC/LC adapters.
  • Long working hours: use effective laser drive circuit to ensure 1mW/650nm locator can work more than 60 hours continuously

Technical Specifications

Wavelength 650nm±10nm
Light source FP-LD laser
Output power 1mW, 3mW, 10mW,

20mW (optional)

Approx. test range 3km(1mw), 5km(3mw),

10km(10mw), 15km(20mw)

Connector 2.5mmuniversal adapter

1.25mm connector optional

Working mode CW or 2Hz modulation
Operating temperature 32 to 104 F ( 0 to 40 °C)
Storage temperature -13 to 158 F(-25 to 70 °C)
Power 2pcs AA battery
Working hours ≥ 60(1mW)
Weight 0.22 lbs.(100g excluding batteries)
Dimension  1.18 x 7.28 in( 3 x 18.5 cm)


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